Kona Gray PLA, ASLA from EDSA visited the BocaWatch studio to discuss the Boca Waterfront Masterplan status and lift the hood on what it’s like doing a project with such a high degree of resident involvement.

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Katie's family moved to Boca Raton in 1970 where she later attended Palm Beach Community College and FAU. Katie is the Founder of HaitianArt.com, a Boca Raton company which began in 1989 as a small art studio. Works by Haiti’s artists soon became part of a revolving exhibit at City Hall as well as the Boca Raton Library and Community Center. The gallery later moved to Delray Beach and broadened its base to include works by Eastern Cuban artists and Florida Highwaymen. Today her focus is on art consulting and internet art sales. She is on the board of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to foster harmony between the Caribbean community and the United States, and currently serves as the Vice President of the Riviera Civic Association.


  1. I’m still amazed and thankful for the collaborative nature of this project and what this park space might do for Boca. Another McRestaurant, which would likely be used only by a fairly narrow portion of Boca’s population, would have been a major loss. (Not to mention the poorly written lease.) Major thanks to EDSA, Margaret, and everyone else involved!

  2. After a long day at work, I tried to go to park last night, it was closed. Thank you for fooling us into voting for a situation where residents now have more restrictions on access to this city property.

  3. Your welcome. Previously it was gated 24×7. The current park is open dawn to dusk and this video, if you watched it, describes the process now underway to make it open for you and everyone else after a long day of work. Your welcome.


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