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The Requirements for City Council Candidates: Could YOU Do It?

PUBLISHER'S COMMENT: No City Council seat should go unchallenged! Representative government means that once elected, a council member's vote is subject only to the resident voice...

Poll: Is Boca Growing More Beautiful?

Beyond the beauty that once came from Nature here, and it's treasured location containing some of the United State's most beautiful beaches, there's been...

2019 Brain Bowl’s Wineraiser Kick Off Event…with Much Festivities!

The 6th Annual Brain Bowl Wineraiser Kick off Event was held on October 2nd, Wednesday, 6:30p.m.-9p.m. Kim Champion, graciously hosted the event at her...
No Park Tax Hike 2019

No Park Tax Hike

Responding to requests from the community, the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District (the District) voted on Tuesday to keep the current tax...
challenging development : loser beware

Challenging Development: Loser Beware!!

Residents are at extreme financial risk in any effort opposing local government's approvals for development. Attached you will find an editorial published in the Sun...

Tax Increase Robocall…Misleading the Public

An Outrage....Robocalls have been received over the last few days containing misleading facts designed to generate public opposition for a minor millage increase by...

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