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Biking in Boca Raton 2019

Where’s The Biking Good In Boca?

Much love to everyone enjoying this beautiful summer here in Boca Raton. It's more empty, more hot, more quiet and in my opinion a...

Where Do We Stand on Boca National Now?

In Part 1 (link below), I summarized the current positions of the City and the District towards joint participation on the Boca National Golf...

YOU Can Make a Difference - Get Involved

A Purrfect Chance to Help Save a Life

The fur that was once glossy and thick lays dull and uneven over bones. There was skin showing where she had itched. Dust, dirt, and mud all stained her matted coat, knotted and twisted...

Young Boca Entrepreneur: John King Creating the Hottest Brand

Palm trees sway in the warming breeze. The sky blazes blue and the sun is a celebration of yellow and gold, free and bright. In the distance, the heat waves bounce off the concrete...

Boca Raton Charity Provides “THE GIFT OF LIFE” To Our Heroes

Vets Helping Heroes is a local non-profit 501(c)3 charity whose mission is to provide Guide Dogs, Service dogs and Facility Therapy Dogs dogs for active duty military and retired Veterans who are recovering from...

Artist Awareness: David Restrepo ( Gets Hyped About Art

Artist, the kites of thinking, philosophers, dreamers, they are the bright gold in the grey. They see the world as a beautiful array of colors and shapes. The world is a canvas, leaving just...
There used to be a reef at Red Reef Park.

Dead Reef Park

Red Reef Park is a dishonest name. It used to represent what was there, a beautiful natural reef. Don't bother coming to it if you expect to snorkle a reef - there isn't one...

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