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Biking in World Class Cities vs Biking in Boca

How does the usefulness and safety of bicycling here in Boca compare to bicycling conditions in world class cities? In some ways, Boca Raton has...

A Resident’s Support for the Proposed Beach and Parks District Tax...

Greater Boca Raton's residents will soon be asked to approve a tax increase that will provide funds for use by the Greater Boca Raton...

YOU Can Make a Difference - Get Involved

Author Dr. Jerry Glantz Tributes Jewish History and Stands Against Hate with Concert

The external heartbeat and the lyrics are the soul in sweet vibrations. The music soared through the air like an eagle on an up-draft, taking with it the very souls of the listening audience....

FAU Alumni Bryan Rammel: On the Road to Successful Advising and Entrepreneurship

He can eat Italian food as if it were going out of style and inhale everything sweet, cheesy, and saucy to get his fix. When Florida Atlantic University alumni Bryan Rammel isn’t munching on...

Boca Raton’s Sweet Dream Makers

Can you imagine being a child, and sleeping without a bed? Unable to get a good night's sleep because the floor is chilly, or not having the warmth of a comforter? In 2012, Suzanne Broad...

Comedy Therapy

When it comes to balancing my own fragile mental health, instead of going to the therapist, I’ve always turned to comedy because healthcare is a luxury in America. When upset or sad, I like...

A Purrfect Chance to Help Save a Life

The fur that was once glossy and thick lays dull and uneven over bones. There was skin showing where she had itched. Dust, dirt, and mud all stained her matted coat, knotted and twisted...

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