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Welcome To Boca Watch

BocaWatch was established in 2012 by the people, for the people.

Its intention is to offer a meaningful platform for the residents of the Boca Raton community to have their voices heard. BocaWatch (BW) fosters and promotes open, fair government and encourages the foundation of responsible and sustainable growth for the future of our great city.

Over the last few years, there has been great concern expressed by many regarding over-development, traffic congestion and the loss of quality of life that traditionally attracted residents to this community. BW has hit a chord with the public. In a few short years we have grown from a finite group of concerned citizens, to more than 24,000 followers on the BocaWatch – Official Facebook page. Our signature e-blast newsletter is read by thousands weekly.

BocaWatch promises to keep you, the concerned resident, updated on:

  • City meetings dates and agendas
  • Current news articles
  • BW weekly blog containing news items and commentaries
  • Proposed citywide development projects and their impacts
  • Community leaders’ contact information

We welcome you to participate by reading, commenting and submitting articles. We encourage you to have your voice heard. Remember…

‘An Informed Citizenry is an Asset to a Community!’

“Public sentiment is everything. With public sentiment, nothing can fail, without it nothing can succeed.”  –Abraham Lincoln


BocaWatch’s mission is to inform, educate and create dialogue in support of responsible, sustainable growth in Boca Raton. We are dedicated to preserving the beauty and quality of life in our city while encouraging economic development to flourish. We continue to strive to strengthen the awareness of the citizens regarding matters of city governance, and we stand ready to fight the fights necessary to continue to protect the traditions, attractions and charm of our picturesque city.

We welcome advertising sponsorship to help keep BocaWatch running. 

BocaWatch has become the go to source for Boca Raton community development news and information. Over the last 6 years BocaWatch has grown to over 33,000 Facebook Followers, 25,000 e-Mail subscribers and 10’s of thousands of website visits a month. The community members of Boca Raton have placed their trust in the reporting and awareness of important issues BocaWatch brings to the citizens of the city. If you are interested in advertising on the largest community online publication in the city of Boca, click here.

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