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Need to advertise to the best audience in Boca Raton? BocaWatch is the place to reach them. Buying ad space, getting impressions for your ads and clicks back to your site is easier than ever. Sponsors can choose from 3 tiers of ad exposure and 3 levels of ad banner animation. 

How it works:

  • You give us banner ads, or have us produce them for you, one-time, starting at $400. 
  • You choose the Sponsor Level you want and pay per month with your credit card starting at $300/month for as many months as you care to sponsor. 
  • Your banners appear on BocaWatch.
  • Boca Raton sees that you care about resident quality of life. 
  • When visitors click on the banners they go to your website.

Sponsorships are monthly and are limited. Get your ads in front of the BocaWatch audience before they do. Use the form below to get started on your sponsorship now.

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Reach the people you want as customers.

BocaWatch is viewed monthly by a relatively large percentage of the population in Boca Raton. In April of 2018 there were 16,000 visitors who visited the site 27,000 times viewing 43,000 pages.  These figures indicate people are using this site a lot and lots are sticking around once they arrive.

Reach people like you.

BocaWatch has more than just display ad spaces on our website. The BocaWatch mailing list has over 24,000 recipients engaged with Boca Raton who receive our weekly newsletter and timely alerts.

Sponsorships are sold month to month, reserved per month by advertisers. Ad buyers, media planners, marketers and business owners can reserve one of three sponsor levels from month to month: Gold, Silver and Copper. Only one sponsor can reserve the Gold level per month, three can reserve the Silver level and five can reserve the Copper level.

No Muddled Numbers.

We do not have a branded print publication, no blurry guess at how big the audience actually is. We can't overestimate our digital reach and exposure value by combining it with a disengaged print audience. Try getting clear numbers out of the other local publications – good luck.