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People are asking basic questions of who, what, where and how regarding the Tri-Rail Station anticipated for Midtown. In his recent commentary, ’Boca is NOT an Urban Experiment, BocaWatch’s commentator-at-large, Jack McWalter, begins to lay bare some possibilities for the Crocker development team’s quest for 2500 units. Part 1 of the series starts with the proposition that Boca Raton is not a “social experiment”. With this we can all agree…but…to answer the above question, one needs to realize that depending on where the money for the Tri-Rail station comes from will determine what and how many strings are attached. Jack delves into the motivations and unspoken outcomes that may lay ahead. Of course, Midtown presupposes a Tri Rail Station. The developer publicly seeks 2500 units but Jack’s research uncovers that 2500 is possibly the tip of a very large iceberg. Tune into Part 2 for more on that.

Mayor Haynie supports the Midtown project as does County Commissioner Abrams. In a recent public forum by the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority (SFRTA), Abrams, who chairs this group, stated that no decision was made yet about location. Yet the Midtown developers are asking the City to approve density based, in major part, on a Transit Oriented District formula; a district that, as of now does not exist. At that same SFRTA meeting, Mayor Haynie and Councilman Weinroth were in attendance yet neither spoke a word. As revealed in Part 1 of ‘Not an Urban Experiment’, Jack uncovers a surprising connection that makes their silence inexplicably deafening. BocaWatch reported on that meeting. The article is attached below. It is difficult to believe that there is a no plan in place amongst these political players with a predetermined outcome.

Commissioner Abrams chairs the SFRTA; Haynie is seeking to replace Abrams; Weinroth is thought to be eying replacing Haynie and the entire discussion is being framed basically by these ‘3 amigos’. In these days of ethically challenged elected officials, believing the ‘3 amigos’ on face value is near impossible. According to the SFRTA staff and consultant, data gathering for a decision on location will be presented to the public after the new year…7 locations remain in the running…yet Midtown developers act as if the decision is a forgone conclusion….Really??? You be the judge!!!

Al Zucaro

The Silence is Deafening – A ‘Dog and Pony’ Show for Sure!