FACT-CHECK: Boca Mayor on Disclosing Conflict of Interest


Publisher’s Comment:

Monday afternoon at the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) meeting, Boca Raton’s elected officials fumbled thorough 3 plus hours of dialogue regarding  the ethical challenges concerning our embattled Mayor/CRA Member, Susan Haynie.  You may also be reading the Palm Beach Post’s 3 front page investigative reports outlining the ethical allegations against the Mayor and the Mayor’s responses in the Post and televised on the Government Channel and Network T.V.; responses that, more  often than not, do not comport with the record facts.

Without doubt, these reports highlight this decade’s most troubling ethics challenge directed at an elected official in Boca Raton.  It may be the most troubling ethics challenge since the ‘Corruption County’ episodes of the early 2000s when three County Commissioners and  two West Palm Beach City Commissioners were convicted and sent to jail.

WPTV Channel 5 has aired a number of reports on the subject.  The latest was aired Tuesday evening on the 6:00 o’clock evening news.  The topic addressed is the Mayor’s often heard statement that in 2011 she made ‘complete’ disclosure of her relationship with the Batmasian interests in the city.

Included is WPTV’s video. The reporter’s inquiry and the Mayor’s responses are reflective of the veracity with Ms. Haynie’s public statements.   View the video…You be the judge as to what is the truth.

Ethical concerns are clearly present and the City Council needs to make some hard decisions.  As long as these ethical matter remain unresolved, the Mayor ought recuse herself at the very  least from any decisions involving matters regarding Batmasian interests.

Al Zucaro, Publisher

P.S.:  On Tuesday evening at just before the midnight hour and after almost 5 ½  hours of City business, additional dialogue on the ethics question and what to do now, took place during the last item on the  Council’s agenda, Council Members reports.   A most revealing dialogue…BocaWatch will provide a full report later this week….Stay tuned….Stay informed.  AZ



  1. It’s too bad Al, that you didn’t get the job you so deserved – she had the deck stacked with her pay for play just like Hillary!
    I hope she gets here just due!

  2. It’s seems simple…. the Mayor is scheduled to step down in her attempts to seek a County Office. Let’s forget she lied and said she would complete her term as Mayor.
    The evidence is overwhelmingly. The Mayor should immediately step down and get her house in order. She is leaving anyway. Why not save the drama so the City can move on with urgent business.
    The City Attorney should just be fired. Save us a completely ridiculous pension!


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