The following is in response to the 2020 Vision presentation made before the City Council meeting of Monday, September 25.

Dear City Council,

The 2020 Vision concept, as presented by Margaret Fitzsimons, represents not only her thoughts but the thoughts of many of your constituents. She listed a broad range of organizations who believe in and support such a plan representing a diverse cross section of our community. This plan aims to continue the work of many who kept our parks from the looming hands of the private sector, preserving them for the people. You may recall, 8 articles in BocaWatch which provided illustrations and narratives on ways a waterfront park would enhance the livability of the downtown for years to come. The November election showed 67% of voters agreed.

It takes little examination to appreciate Ms. Fitzsimons’ and the community’s collective vision for the unification of city resources.  This is something developers have never thought of because they are too busy building single projects with no out plan for a community based, harmonious future benefiting everyone.  Consultants have tried to provide a plan but none have been successful. Ms. Fitzsimons’ experience and creativity ties the waterfront to the whole of the downtown thus weaving together a fabric for urban living which synergizes elements of: Government, business, residential, parks, recreation and education using current road infrastructure. Nothing could be more important to our City’s future and livability than our collective acceptance of 2020 Vision.  Accepting this planned vision will place Boca Raton on an equal footing with World places we love to visit and enjoy because they exhibit community based thoughtful development aimed toward livability and enjoyment.

Additionally and perhaps equally important, this plan promotes our coming together, working for a common goal thus forging an energy filled spirit and rallying point around which all can participate.

The 2020 vision helps to unite Resident, Development and Government interests toward a shared and exciting future.  These three slices of the community pie need to get on board now so 2020 Vision will not be a missed opportunity.


Thanks you for your attention,

James R. Hendrey