States perform interstate cross-checks of voter registrations.

28 states, including Kansas, opened their voter rolls to cross-checks. The Kansas Secretary of State has released their interstate
cross-check of voter registrations.

They have found more than 7 million duplicate registrations!

Know this: 22 states refused to open their rolls to cross-checks.  Here is the list of those 22 states and the candidate their Electors voted for:

Vermont – Clinton
Rhode Island – Clinton
Connecticut – Clinton
New York – Clinton
New Jersey – Clinton
Pennsylvania – Trump
Delaware – Clinton
Maryland – Clinton
Florida – Trump
Wisconsin – Trump
Minnesota – Clinton
Texas – Trump
New Mexico – Clinton
North Dakota – Trump
Montana – Trump
Wyoming – Trump
Utah – Trump
Washington – Clinton
Oregon – Clinton
California – Clinton
Alaska – Trump
Hawaii – Clinton

In those 22 states, Mrs. Clinton won 163 Electoral votes and Trump won 115.

In the 28 states with voter rolls open to cross-checks, the tally was 191 for Trump and 69 for Mrs. Clinton.

Think about that!  The evidence clearly indicates that there was not only (a) massive fraud but that (b) it also heavily favored Clinton.  The Clinton Clan of Corruption!!!!

Author’s comment:

This information actually came to me from, Dagfinn Moe, a Norwegian friend living in Serbia where he teaches modern business methods to farmers.

This link,, shows the state-by-state chart.

Allan Ward