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You may have noticed BocaWatch evolving through the years, starting first as a small voice voice invested in helping “resident friendly” candidates. Now, with over a thousand articles about Boca Raton written by close to a hundred members of the community, BocaWatch is a larger voice than when it began. Despite all it’s potential to inform, BocaWatch could literally disappear overnight. Up until now BocaWatch has been almost exclusively kept alive by the gracious financial support of it’s publisher Al Zucaro.

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Since I’ve taken on the role of Editor I’ve reduced the amount Mr. Zucaro spends each month to a quarter of the costs beforehand. Together we’ve implemented a means where you can donate to BocaWatch directly, on this site. We’re doing the best we can to make sure BocaWatch stays alive. Since you’re our reader we’re reaching out to you to join us in keeping BocaWatch alive with us.

When you donate to BocaWatch, no matter how small, it lets us know you value our efforts. Being able to publish articles that are meaningful to our community is a privilege, but it’s not effortless. There are costs and publishing content worth reading requires a devotion of focus and time.

Instead of putting up what’s called a “paywall” or limit on how much you get to read without paying for a subscription, we plan on continuing to let our readers read for free. Focusing on issues that impact a readership in such a small area geographically limits the revenue potentials of network advertising.

Mr. Zucaro and I believe BocaWatch is needed, asking the questions and covering the issues in a way that’s responsible to residents, not beholden to anyone other than YOU on account of the fact that we’re neighbors. We’re impacted together by what happens here, so that’s why there’s BocaWatch. Without it we’re only left with agenda driven voices, voices with agendas over and above keeping Boca a place we love to call home.

So if you like what we’re doing here, and want us to keep doing it the way we’re doing it, please throw us a thumb’s up in the form of a small donation. It’s encouraging. Conversely, If you don’t like what we’re doing and think we should stop doing it, don’t donate anything. We’ll get the message there too.

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