Change is Coming


Publisher’s Comment:  With a mere 5 weeks remaining, Boca Raton’s Special Election is really heating up; the election process is about to go into real time.  Absentee ballots are being readied for the mail and early voting is just a few short weeks away.  Change is in the air.  Boca Raton residents, citywide, are driving this change.  The ‘dark clouds’ of over-development, congestion and corruption are about to be ‘zipped’ up.  The age old musical adage of ‘happy days are here again’ can be heard in the background.  All this, a result of an engaged, informed electorate.  All this, actually within reach.

August 28 represents, for the first time in decades, the possibility to elect a super majority ‘resident friendly’ city council.  All that is necessary is for the residents to get out and vote.  Whether you vote in person or vote by mail makes no matter….Your vote is your voice, let your voice be heard!!!  For a vote-by-mail ballot, call the Supervisor of Elections office at 561-656-6200

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Originally from Nebraska, Jessica Gray has resided in east Boca Raton since 2004, living on the barrier island. Graduating Florida Atlantic University in 2009, Jessica has a degree in Business Marketing, and is a Managing Member at a software sales company. As a founder of Boca Save our Beaches, Jessica’s passions are animals and nature. She is adept in sustainability and looks to the future of Boca Raton.


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