BocaWatch Satire: The Way It Seems To Be In Boca!


Image created by Jessica Gray.


  1. Thank you Jessica…The message here is ‘Follow the Money’….especially the campaign dollars…..From whom they come….AZ

  2. Satire on Pay to Play (video game controllers) and AZ’s qualifications of the satire are both forms of defamation. Like to see a video on that subject AZ.

  3. Jessica, You are always on the mark. I promoted the idea the Council get an increase in pay. This was to entice “ethical” folks into the arena in the future. The money is now there. The issue has been Council members will do the bidding of those that will fund their campaigns, there in lies the problem. Presently, the Council does not work for the citizens. Anyone who believes Robert Weinroth has not or will not see huge sums of money go for his next campaign after having gone to Israel to court development in our downtown is totally out of touch. Robert is so blatant, he has never told the public who financed his trip to Israel to support the Chabad nor Mizner 200. Maybe a forensic audit will bring Robert to his senses. Robert has stated he has no wish to wear the orange jumpsuit of the incarcerated. Prove it Robert, down to the penny, and show us there is no money coming from PAC’s or others you pander to for the “green”. Why is it I have to take a shower after speaking with or listening to Robert Weinroth. I am looking forward to the depositions of all those on the list for the Federal Suit. Get ready people, it should be most entertaining and enlightening. Jessica Gray has only scratched the surface with her graphic.


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