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11 Dec 2017

BocaWatch Satire: Balanced City Within a Park; Are We?

By | December 11th, 2017|Categories: Cartoons|0 Comments

Publisher’s Comment: Decemeber 11, 2017, a day that may ‘live in infamy’ for the City Council of Boca Raton.  After months of preparing and two cancelled public viewing, the City’s consultant for the waterfront master plan, EDSA, will be presenting its updated vision for Boca Raton’s waterfront parks; a presentation long in the making.  Couple [...]

11 Dec 2017

Boca Raton’s 2020 Vision: Economic Development Through Art, Culture, and Public Space – Part 2

By | December 11th, 2017|Categories: FrontPageFeatured, FrontPageHotTopics, Hot Topics, Issues|0 Comments

Boca’s 2020 Vision Part 2: Waterfront Revitalization and the Case for Public Space A central feature of the 2020 vision is the utilization of our parks and waterfront spaces. Across the U.S. and the globe, waterfronts have been redeveloped using a mixed-use model typically dependent on leisure activities, exclusive housing, office development, and retail (1). [...]

11 Dec 2017

2017: Boca Raton….in Like a ‘Lamb’;….Out Like a ‘Lion’!

By | December 11th, 2017|Categories: FrontPageHotTopics, Hot Topics, Issues|0 Comments

Publisher’s Comment: As you may know, our elected officials, as a general rule, convene regularly to present to the public the inner workings of government and advise on the topic of the day.  Keeping track of it all is more than a full time job….and it seems to be gaining steam on a monthly basis.   [...]

7 Dec 2017

South Florida Regional Transportation Authority and Midtown Boca Update

By | December 7th, 2017|Categories: FrontPageHotTopics, Hot Topics, Issues|5 Comments

Most residents in Boca Raton know that there is a major firestorm brewing over the proposed development project known as ‘Midtown’ and the South Florida Regional Transportation Authority’s (SFRTA) efforts to justify a second Tri-Rail station at Glades Road and Military Trail. This past Tuesday, December 5th, SFRTA provided a progress report on its plans [...]

7 Dec 2017

Removing ‘Welcoming’ Language from the Resolution Avoids a Very “Hot Topic”

By | December 7th, 2017|Categories: Hot Topics, Issues|2 Comments

Publisher’s Comment: Last week BocaWatch reported that our City Council was presented with a diversity resolution that included the use of the phrase ‘welcoming community’.   The ordinance originated at the Palm Beach County League of Cities by West Palm Beach City Commissioner Keith James.  West Palm Beach has already declared itself a ‘welcoming city’; a [...]

4 Dec 2017

Boca’s Under Siege

By | December 4th, 2017|Categories: Videos|1 Comment

Overdevelopment is a common theme throughout Boca Raton. From our schools to our downtown, we are becoming a city that has reached maximum capacity. This will continue to plague Boca, unless we can get Monica Mayotte elected to the City Council. Jack is here with more on the subject.

4 Dec 2017

Boca Raton’s 2020 Vision: Economic Development Through Art, Culture, and Public Space – Part 1

By | December 4th, 2017|Categories: FrontPageHotTopics, Hot Topics, Issues|0 Comments

As outlined extensively by the 2020 Vision Initiative and BocaWatch, the Boca 2020 Vision is about using arts, culture, parks, and public space as tools to promote economic development, community interaction, and a sense of place. Using a diverse coalition of local individuals and organizations, one of the primary goals of the 2020 Vision is [...]

4 Dec 2017

Profile of a Volunteer: Margaret Fitzsimons – Inspiration for Boca Raton’s ‘2020 VISION!’

By | December 4th, 2017|Categories: Hot Topics, Issues|3 Comments

Publisher’s Comment: Boca Raton’s residents are active again.  The last few years has seen residents stand up and push back against the local elected officials’ tendency to diminish the quality of life experienced throughout the city.  This push back has encouraged individuals to contribute in many ways; ways requiring commitment of time, energy and treasure.  [...]

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