BocaWatch Satire: Balanced City Within a Park; Are We?


Publisher’s Comment:

Decemeber 11, 2017, a day that may ‘live in infamy’ for the City Council of Boca Raton.  After months of preparing and two cancelled public viewing, the City’s consultant for the waterfront master plan, EDSA, will be presenting its updated vision for Boca Raton’s waterfront parks; a presentation long in the making.  Couple this with ‘Vision 2020’,the resident inspired set of ideas and proposals presented to the Council last month, and, this City Council Workshop promises to be enlightening and inspiring.   All residents are encouraged to watch the actually meeting on Boca TV and judge for yourself the City Council’s collective response to this most important ‘quality of life’ issue.  BocaWatch will follow up with a report later this week.

Al Zucaro, Publisher

Image created by Jessica Gray


  1. I am concerned and sad that this city council will dismiss Jessica’s request for a small amount of dollars for her “Save the Beaches” program. The number one reason for Boca’s existence are its beaches. Yet when she went to the city for a pittance to help support her efforts to organize 100’s of volunteers to clean the beaches she was told too late by the city. Yet we have at every council meeting a pet project that needs to be funded which is after this manufactured deadline. The latest is $500k for a golf tournament which will put Boca on the “map”. Many other requests but zero for our beaches. I am ashamed for this council who have lost their perspective as to why boca is a great city. I am stunned that no one on the council has not taken this issue up . OH it is because she is not a lawyer or a powerful developer that will threaten the city if they don’t get their way. She is a single voice trying to do what is good for the city. And she is dismissed as a nobody. She is a diamond in our community. We need more leaders like her that care. Elections March 2018 can’t come fast enough.

  2. Bravo Jack! Makes you wonder if any of the city councilman even go to the Boca Beaches, to grasp what it takes to keep them pristine.


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