As the City of Boca Raton election campaign for 2017 nears its end I would like to take the opportunity to thank the staff of BocaWatch for their thoughtful endorsement for me on City Council Seat B.

During my campaign, the number one question I am asked is “why are you running for City Council?” The answer is simple; because I have a passion for our city. I have devoted myself to our community with love and hard work for 37 years.

I have spent a lot of time talking with you, the residents of Boca Raton. I hear the same thing over and over. What are we going to do about the traffic, the overdevelopment and our quality of life?

I am one of you! Those are my concerns as well!!

It’s time for the residents to have a voice in City Hall.  Cast your vote for me on Tuesday, March 14, and I will be that voice. I don’t just talk the talk, I have walked the walked:
• Speaking at City Council meetings with visionary ideas.
• Standing up to preserve our open and green space.
• Representing you on city and civic boards.
• Discussing concerns about the chipping away of a brand that has made Boca Raton stand out from surrounding cities.

Looking toward the future, I ask, “what are the core values of our beloved city?”

I believe we still have the opportunity to move into the future and maintain the values that make Boca Raton so special.  I have volunteered immeasurable hours to our city. I have the vision as a community leader. I am someone who can be trusted to be a caretaker of this city and TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

Please take just a few minutes…You will see and hear what I stand for in my Closing Statements From Candidates Forum

…and the endorsements keep coming in…