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David Sergi is the Project Coordinator for the 2017 Boca Raton Art Tunnels Project. David has partnered with the City of Boca Raton to present art installations in the three tunnels in Spanish River Park. This project is part of the City’s larger vision to bring art to public spaces in the area.

Spanish River Park has 3 walking tunnels which connect the parking lots to the beach. Each tunnel is approximately 100 feet long and 8 feet tall making it a great space for public art .

David got inspired to turn the 3 tunnels into art after seeing the positive impact art has on communities in both South Florida and other major cities. Finding there is an opportunity to add more visual arts displays in Boca Raton, David has offered his assistance in coordinating this project to completion.

It is the goal of both the project and its partner, The City of Boca Raton that the selected art work meets the Live, Work, Play vision of the city and that the final artists have a connection to the local area.

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Katie's family moved to Boca Raton in 1970 where she later attended Palm Beach Community College and FAU. Katie is the Founder of, a Boca Raton company which began in 1989 as a small art studio. Works by Haiti’s artists soon became part of a revolving exhibit at City Hall as well as the Boca Raton Library and Community Center. The gallery later moved to Delray Beach and broadened its base to include works by Eastern Cuban artists and Florida Highwaymen. Today her focus is on art consulting and internet art sales. She is on the board of the A.C.T.I.O.N. Foundation, a non-profit organization whose goal is to foster harmony between the Caribbean community and the United States, and currently serves as the Vice President of the Riviera Civic Association.


  1. Great example of civic engagement. This young man came to council with an idea, presented it, and is carrying the ball forward. it’s the best thing about city government, one person with a vision can get involved and make a real difference. Hopeful to see more great ideas come from our city residents! Thank you David, my kids can’t wait!

  2. Tunnels seem a little dark for an art project? City resources could be better used promoting cleaner beaches so I don’t have to read about beaches in Florida being closed for pollution and health risks. Putting lipstick on a pig here people!


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