I walk our beautiful city everyday.   Walkers see a place in an intimate way that you will never experience in a car.  I would like to share some of my walking observations.

First and foremost are the fantastic workers both public and private who work their magic in the morning hours maintaining and cleaning the parks and shopping centers. We all appreciate our pristine environment but I don’t think we appreciate what that entails.

I think we can all agree that everyone who comes to Florida drives up and down A1A looking at the ocean and coastal sights.  However, there is nothing along A1A that directs drivers, potential customers, to head west on Palmetto Park Road to have lunch, browse shops or further explore our city.

The curious visitors don’t know if our downtown is up Camino, Palmetto or Spanish River.  I know A1A is a County Road and might have some restrictions as far as signage, but surely we can find some way to direct folks to the downtown in support of our small business owners.

Once on Palmetto Park Road drivers need further directions to both Mizner Park and Royal Palm Plaza at Mizner Blvd.  On numerous occasions drivers have stopped me for directions to Mizner Park.

They have come east down Palmetto Park Road and when they see the ocean they realized they somehow missed the downtown.  Confused drivers cruise our Riviera neighborhood east of the intracoastal to turn around.  I’ve also had this experience while walking along Palmetto Park Road.

Let’s make downtown more visitors friendly. I suggest we also need signage for people coming downtown from the west.

Also, when you walk north through the Sanborn Square Archway on NE 1st Street, you can see and are drawn to Mizner Park when you reach the end. However, when you walk from Mizner Park through the Sanborn Square Archway heading south you will experience an “is that all there is” moment. You hit a virtual dead end.

The median is blocked with bushes and there is no direction of where to go – or even if there is a reason to go forward. Putting some signs or directions at the southern arch will help with the walkablity between Royal Palm Place and Mizner Park.

I understand the city is considering working with a consulting firm on “Way Finding” signage and parking in Downtown. I am hopeful. We choose to live in Boca Raton; it’s not a place one simply settles for to lay down roots.

I look forward to other readers’ observations on the little things that have or can make a difference in our hometown.