Everyone knows that Councilman Singer is working the hardest of all the Council Members to bridge the gap between residents and city leadership….

Everyone knows that Councilman Singer works very hard at gathering information and disseminating it to the public both in chambers and in his often meeting with residents and holding evening coffees…..

Everyone also knows that these efforts are appreciated and welcomed by his providing an unfiltered opportunity for residents to express their sentiments, positive or negative….

After last evening, what everyone now knows is the extreme extent of distrust and angst harbored by the residents towards the current City Council and the City Administration….

Last evening provided the most insightful moment of pure resident discontent, bordering on disgust, for the current council’s interaction with the residents; for the seemingly uninterrupted alliance with the overdevelopers and land owners; and for the continuing disregard for the sentiments of the residents; to wit: the people that actually put the council members in their seats….

It was incredible….

Councilman Singer should bring this message back to the City Council….the message that it is not facts alone that justify decisions but, rather, it is the sentiment of the governed about those governing.   Incredible…

As to the topics discussed….the Councilman tried very hard to direct the conversation to topics like upcoming budget hearings; to economic development; to improved city services; to a comprehensive waterfront program; etc….

But inevitably, the audience brought the subject back to overdevelopment, the Wildflower property; the traffic study for NE 5th Ave. and Palmetto Park Rd.; to Ordinance 4035 versus the IDG, etc….With the prevailing sentiment being that residents do not believe nor do they trust the words of the current elected body, collectively or individually. Clearly a sentiment of no confidence….again Incredible….

BocaWatch encourages Councilman Singer to continue his evening coffee events…He clearly is the only Councilman willing to and prepared for handling this overwhelming sentiment.

BocaWatch encourages the other council members and the Mayor to provide similar opportunity for the public to confront them one on one without the restricted protocol of 5 minutes at the podium to a mostly non-responsive body….

When those governed are mistreated as voiced last evening, the governed rise up and change those who govern….

March, 2017 is coming….BocaWatch suspects that there will be a gaggle of candidates from which the residents to choose.

The current elected body should take heed….Developer money will not win the day this time around….