The Wildflower Property…

It’s a hot topic!

It’s a park!

It’s a restaurant!

Or…It’s the Third Option…Yes, WE CAN HAVE IT ALL!

Imagine a civic space with wonderful interactive amenities on the waterfront, adjacent to our downtown. Come by boat, kayak or water taxi from Red Reef,  Spanish River or one of the other waterfront spaces along the intracoastal…meander around the downtown public space paths, grab a snack at the food concession, check out the creative experiences. Walk to Palmetto Park Rd or jump on the Downtowner to spend some time at the beach or head to Royal Palm or Mizner Park for a visit to stores and restaurants.

As cities are getting built out, the trend throughout the country is to protect our public lands.  That doesn’t mean we can’t do something special on the Wildflower property, something that includes ALL people. We can create a meaningful, memorable public experience.  A place to remember! Bring your kids or bring your grandma. Hang out with your friends.

It will be a boost to our downtown and city economic development while leaving a legacy for generations to come…

Take 15 minutes to watch this video   presented by three local residents (architects Margaret Fitzsimons and Jose Barrera along with community volunteer Andrea O’Rourke) about  PlaceMaking and the potential of  future possibilities on the land you own. Just Imagine the ideas we can come up with!

Contact if you want to reach out to the presenters.

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