The Last Straw

I am a resident of Boca Raton for more than 40 years. I am also a golfer who enjoys the championship Boca Raton municipal golf course. It now appears that the Mayor and City Council are making every effort to sell the beautiful crown jewel Championship Boca Raton Municipal Golf Course to developers with the intent to make the residents believe that they are acting in their best intentions.  This is not true by any stretch of the imagination.

The Developers who are trying to buy the golf course property are not going to take over or maintain this golf course. They are going to destroy it to make apartments, condos and some single family homes out of the property. Developers will eliminate a prized diverse recreational facility that was built for our residents and guests. Our residents are being robbed by the developers with the assistance of the City Council.

These are the facts: The city council declares that to sell the Boca Municipal Golf Course and re-establish the Ocean Breeze Golf course is a win/ win, in that the city will end up with a great golf course within the city limits.  The Ocean Breeze Golf course is unquestionably a fifth rate, antiquated  golf course as opposed to the Boca Municipal Golf Course, which is first rate.

Ocean Breeze GC has limited total parking of 69 spaces that is not expandable whatsoever. I have had to wait many times for a parking place to become available so that I could play golf there. Boca Municipal has over 164 ready available spaces; quite adequate for the executive and main championship course, and it is expandable. It will cost millions to update the Ocean Breeze GC.  So who benefits?

Boca Teeca condo residents who reside along the golf course are going all out to have the Council approve the swap deal. They will be the beneficiaries in that the future selling price of their condos and homes will go up substantially.

The Ocean Breeze GC, formerly the Boca Teeca GC, was in its original conception an amenity for the residents of Boca Teeca, a semi-private community.   It is currently appraised by the county assessor for 3.6 million. The Boca Teeca residents are self-serving and fueling the City Council to sell the Boca Municipal Golf course. As far as financially, the Boca Raton City Council says they will get millions out of the deal selling the Boca Municipal Golf Course.  Boca Raton is financially a very wealthy city, and has almost 40 million in reserve cash in the bank.

So the question is why do we allow the Mayor and City Council to sell this property to developers who say they will put single family homes, and yes apartments, on the property. Boca Teeca residents have for years asked developers to build single family homes on the now closed Ocean Breeze GC property. The developers refuse this deal but instead want to build apartments. Boca Teeca residents totally reject this idea.

In terms of value, I am a property owner of residential homes, townhouses and commercial centers. The Boca Municipal GC land is worth more than 100 million in my opinion. Why the give-a-way to developers? This deal absolutely stinks. On the Boca Raton City web site, there are 10 un-solicited bids from developers to purchase the Municipal golf course. I question the word ‘unsolicited.’ We, the residents, need the real truth. The citizens of Boca Raton need to step up and stop this robbery of one of our most valuable assets. The City Council is supposed to be the guardians and leaders of our city, and not the ‘yes’ men/women who enrich developers at the resident’s expense.  I say shame on you if you deceive your residents that you are obligated to serve fairly and honestly.