Next week, Boca’s Community Appearance Board will be asked to approve the mammoth Mizner 200 project in Boca’s already overcrowded Downtown.  It will be the first in a series of reviews in an approval process for what could be the final chapter in the Battle for Boca.

If the CAB (followed by the Planning and Zoning Board, the Community Redevelopment Agency, and the City Council) approve the Monster on Mizner, it will be game, set and match for Downtown developers.  If they can build a single building this massive (three football fields long, 100-feet high, 30% larger than anything we have seen to date) in our new concrete canyon downtown, they can build anything.

Boca’s Community Appearance Board primary responsibility is contained in its name:  Appearance Board.  It is responsible for ensuring that development projects adhere to both the metric and style requirements of Boca’s building codes.  On that basis, here are four fundamental reasons why the Community Appearance Board should reject 200 Mizner as now proposed:

  1. Downtown Boca’s basic building code, Ordinance 4035, requires that “each building recognizes the scale and character or adjacent buildings.” Mizner 200 is both out of scale and out of character with the buildings in its neighborhood.
  2. Boca’s downtown architectural guidelines were inspired by the architecture of Addison Mizner, e.g. the Cloister at the Boca Raton Hotel and Resort. Mizner 200 looks nothing like a “Mizneresque” building.  It should be called Mizner 0.
  3. The design solution for large parcels in the Downtown has always been multiple buildings with meaningful separations. Based on numerous examples, the eight-acre Mizner on the Green parcel should be redeveloped into at least three buildings, with view and vista corridors between them.  Mizner 200 is one building, almost 1000 feet long.
  4. Mizner 200 contains no street level views, as required by Boca’s Architectural Design Guidelines. Mizner 200, as presently designed, is an unforgiving 100-foot façade, almost 1000 feet long along Mizner Boulevard and 400 feet deep.  It blocks all views and vistas from the properties west of Mizner Boulevard to the east and from the golf course west to the Downtown.  It will cast a giant shadow over the entire 4th hole of the Resort Golf Course—from tee to green.  Boca’s Architectural Design Guidelines require that views and vistas be shared.  Mizner 200 is a hog.

This is what Boca’s Community Appearance Board will be asked to approve on May 16th at 6:30 pm at the Community Center Annex, 260 Crawford Boulevard.  The Annex is located in the Boca City Hall complex off Palmetto Park Road in Downtown Boca.  If you care about Boca’s future, show up and make your opposition to Mizner 200 evident.

The stakes could not be higher.

The Board of Directors