On Monday 12/5, the Greater Boca Raton Beach and Park District dedicated almost its entire meeting to exploring the Boca Teeca/Ocean Breeze acquisition proposal and its implications.  The district reviewed the email received from Deputy City Manager George Brown (see below) requesting information and clarity on to what extent the District is willing and able to participate in the transaction.  An answer is in the process of being crafted for return to the City in time for their early January 9th and 10th council meetings.

Two other topics discussed concerned the retention of and compensation for Art Koski, Esq., currently the interim executive and general counsel of the District. Both these motions were tabled and will be revisited at a future meeting when the new executive director is present.  Perhaps this should actually take place in the new year when the two new District members take their seats.

Commissioner(s)-elect Ernst and Wright were elected to replace Commissioners Frisch and Starkoff.  The tabled topics were topics of significant importance in the November election, and the new commissioners earned and deserve the opportunity to set the policy for this newly constituted board.

More to follow…

Dear Mr. Koski:

Thank you for your letter of November 16, 2016.  As you are aware, the City Council has expressed interest in the GBRBPD’s willingness to facilitate the re-opening of the Ocean Breeze golf course at Boca Teeca as a golf amenity available to the public at large.  So that we may provide City Council with more detailed information, please provide responses to the following questions:

  1. Will the District consider/undertake eminent domain proceedings in order to acquire the Ocean Breeze golf course (assuming the City Council’s concurrence or referendum approval, as required by the District’s enabling legislation)?
  2. If the District proceeds with acquisition, would the District also seek to acquire the Inn/Social Center parcel (That parcel is not presently included in Lennar’s proposal for purchase of the City’s golf course in exchange for Ocean Breeze.)?
  3. If the District proceeds with acquisition (either directly or through the City), is the District able to acquire and operate the Ocean Breeze golf course within its existing budget and millage?
  4. Will existing budgeted programs be maintained or will it be necessary to reallocate District funds in order to acquire/operate the Ocean Breeze golf course?
  5. Does the District have financial projections for the potential Greg Norman golf academy operation discussed in your letter of November 16, 2016?

Please respond to me as soon as possible.  The City Council is expected to discuss this matter further in early January.  Thank you for your cooperation.


George S. Brown 
Deputy City Manager