Cloud Hangs Over Boca Mayor Susan Haynie


Publisher’s Comment:

It was a watershed moment for Councilmen Singer, Rodgers and Weinroth but they failed to make the hard decision. The Sun-Sentinel editorial board has now weighed in on Mayor Hayne’s ethics problem with a blistering editorial headlined: “Cloud hangs over Boca Mayor Susan Haynie”. And while Singer, Rodgers and Weinroth punted their responsibility to act to the County and State to decide if rules or laws were broken, it doesn’t look good in the “Court of Public Opinion.”

Al Zucaro, Publisher


The following editorial was originally published by the Sun Sentinel. View it here. 


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  1. As reported, Mayor Haynie received +/- $274,000 in 2013 and possibly $1,400,000 while a principal in her business, Community Reliance, in its relationship with Investments Limited. What was in it for the Mayor? Income – expenses = profit.

    We learn, there has never been a situation posed to the Commission on Ethics (COE) where names of parties were omitted thus denying COE an opportunity to deliver a meaningful response. City Attorney Frieser intentionally hid the names of parties over three submissions to the COE. SHE MUST GO AND GO NOW. She colluded with the Mayor, obfuscating the facts from COE.

    The crime unit of the State Attorney’s Office must get involved. Only a forensic audit of Community Reliance and Investments Limited will allow us to understand the relationship as presented in the Palm Beach Post and the Sun Sentential.

      • Dear Add Miz, can’t you read Lulu’s articles. Lots there. I have always wondered why Boca politicians worked so hard to land a $8k gig on the city council. Love of the city. Wanting to give back?? We all know it is for power and influence and perks. It is not just boca but all over the country. It is accepted in our society that the winners get the spoils whether appointment of friends or trips to Israel or being recognized at Mayor Balls, on and on. THe developers or as I call them the donor class or elites have in their dna use money to get what you want. Money is power. Buys TV ads and flyers and gutter stuff etc. Win at all costs. Accuse the enemy to their financial interests of being Nazi’s. It works. It is sad that boca residents allow these gutter people be around us. I blame boca folks for all the ills from overdevelopment . They don’t think or get involved. The developers think we are old and stupid and they are right. They are laughing at us. They plan on crushing us in the next city election.

  2. While it doesn’t look good for Major Haynie, it may not stop her from being elected as a Palm Beach commissioner. That is exactly what they like in county politics. We have many example across America where people don’t seem to care what a candidate has done and votes for them anyway. Keep this in mind, as a commissioner, she will continue to influence what happens in Boca.

  3. There is nothing we can do about Singer till the next election. Imagine.. he wants to be Mayor. Show us some leadership!
    The other two… vote them out. Weinroth has his own skeletons with trips and questions of who pays for what. Time to flush the toilets.

  4. I guess I’ve just gotten accustomed to crooked politicians getting away with this stuff.
    You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see she was taking compensation for her votes. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know who paid for Weinroth’s trip to Israel.
    Good news is Singer’s not a crook. Just not a leader and ethically bankrupt. He’s got his eyes on future political positions and will say anything or vote which-ever way to further that ambition. The hell with the residents.
    Time to flush the toilets!

  5. I agree with Mr. Hendrey, “Only a forensic audit of Community Reliance and Investments Limited will allow us to understand the relationship as presented in the Palm Beach Post and the Sun Sentential.”


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