BocaWatch Satire: You Want to do What With our PARKS?” – Not Even Maybe!


Publisher’s Comment:

Development in our parks is unacceptable. The more people are learning of efforts to divert parkland, the more residents are organizing to have their concern and dismay heard. To elected officials that seem incapable to give the simple yes/no answer, hear this….Just say NO….No to the Chamber, No to the Developers, No to the School Board, No to any other person or entity wanting our parkland. It is unequivocal, residents want their parks…It is that simple.

Al Zucaro

Image creates by Jessica Gray


  1. Why hasn’t the palm beach county school board reassess the need to build schools in Delray and Boynton beach? Current Boca Raton school boundaries include residents from Delray and as far up as north Boynton beach. Also there should be an investigation within each school to verify with absolute certainty that each student resides within the school boundaries.

  2. I’m going to play devil’s advocate for just a moment since I totally against using any land in Sugar Sand Park for a school. If Palm Beach county is entity that is responsible for building schools and they need to replace the elementary school on 12 Ave, sorry I don’t remember the name. Where can they find county land in proximity to that school? Everything is built up around that area so where can they get the land?

    Everyone wants the school overcrowding problem fixed but there isn’t much land left to build a school in southern Palm Beach county. I don’t have a solution but you can see where they came up with this solution. The problem is that residents have voted in the past to have the county buy and retain land as public areas or to be leased for farming (thinking Ag Reserve here) and then later they change their mind and either sell it to developers or build on it.

    This is also happening at the national level. Our parks are for sale there too.

    If, in the future, they need to replace Boca Middle or Boca High, it would have to be a rebuilding in place. Perhaps that is the solution for the elementary school. I’m sure the people who live by the school would disagree but there aren’t many choices for the county.

  3. There is not enough land in place for the existing school. There is plenty of Sugar Sand Park staying in tact. The advantages are a brand new school, a better car line, alleviate traffic, more playground area ( safer for the students), still keeping an A rated school close by. Adding a middle school to the elementary school in a separate building. All of these things outweigh a close change in location.


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