Al Zucaro and Jason Pelish talking about BocaWatch

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Jason came to Boca Raton with his family in the late Seventies. He attended Boca Raton Middle School, Boca High and FAU. He's been a Park Ranger for the City, lived and worked in Dade and Broward Counties, and moved back to Boca in 2006. Now he's the Editor of BocaWatch, and writes articles habitually on whatever interests him. His personal blog features topics about the Internet, social media, free speech, privacy, media and more. Go read his articles about using online marketing in Boca Raton at How long will he last here before he gets into big, big trouble somehow? Sign up for the newsletter and find out.


  1. I noticed you threw in the towel Al, I dont blame you.
    I researched the origins of Boca, Bocas true past, and the real deal behind the Palmetto Project, and no human can defeat that evil.
    Thank you for the articles you did that helped form my knowledge.


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