What’s Boca Saying: Boca’s Waters From Ocean to Intracoastal Part 1


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At a time when a Palm Beach Post investigative reporter laid bare secret financial ties between Mayor Haynie and the largest land owner in Boca, a shadow is now cast on the entire City of Boca Raton government. What can be found and proven is one thing, but like an iceberg, the magnitude of a culture of quid pro quo between City Hall and those doing business with it remains unseen. But you know it’s there and wonder just how big it is.

But now, after who knows how long, every vote by every council member is suspect. In a culture where it’s considered OK to have private income from companies doing business with the city, can we trust those hired to serve the citizens through our codes and ordinances or to serve themselves?

In this two part series Boca’s Waters: From Ocean to Intercoastal, BocaWatch takes a look at the importance of our waters from the beach to boating to diving. There are many voices in our community talking about our ocean and waterfront parks. Some blame the suffocation of Red Reef on the ocean waves while others blame bleached coral on over fishing boaters. Applied Technology & Management Inc has been Boca’s “go to” coastal consultant since 2008. and are responsible for the beach renourishment technique used for a decade. They are now the ones hired to do a “sea grass survey and provide professional architectural services” at Lake Wyman and Rutherford Parks in preparation for boat ramps.(1) Can they be trusted?.

Part 1 of Ocean to Intercoastal takes a look at the impact of the ATM’s beach renourishment technique on our famous Red Reef Park as seen through the eyes of a 4th generation Boca Ratonian. Can we trust the Lake Wyman estuary to those who said it’s okay to renourish the beaches in the manner that was done?

Tune in later this week for Part 2, where we take a look at voices wanting to build boat ramps at Lake Wyman and Rutherford Parks and the debate about those at Silver Palm Park.

Al Zucaro

(1) City hires consultant for Lake Wyman sea grass survey, Marci Shatzman (Sun-Sentinel) May 23, 2017

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