We Really Did Know….The ‘True’ Susan Haynie Finally Outed


As was said time and time and time again during the mayoral campaign-especially at the 6500 Congress Ave. city sponsored debate, then candidate Susan Haynie denied that she would leave office prior to the end of a full three year term….Oh well…Less true words have never been spoken!!!

For some time now, the ‘worst kept secret in Boca Raton was that Susan Haynie unequivocally intended to run for the District 4 County Commission seat being vacated by former Boca Mayor Steven Abrams.  Political insiders knew this for a long time….The public, however, was deceived!!!

Yesterday Mayor Haynie proved what had been known for a long time.  Yesterday, after a mere seven (7) months into this thirty six (36) month term, the Mayor announced her intent to leave office in Boca Raton and seek office at the county commission…

She will not complete her term, hence breaking her promise….she lied!!!!

The good news is that this untrustworthy deceitful politician will soon be out of office in Boca Raton.  The next question to ponder is who will take her place? The unknown can be unsettling but fear not, you, the resident, will have the opportunity to make that choice….

From here, the replacement path is clear…. Haynie now files her notice of intent to run for the county seat.  The State’s ‘resign to run’ law will require her to actually leave the Mayor’s seat no later than the first day of the office she seeks, win or lose.

The County Commission race culminates in November 2018.  Registered voters in Boca Raton will have the opportunity to vote in that contest.  Following her vacating the Mayor’s seat, the City Charter  requires a special election to replace the Mayor shortly after her resignation becomes effective.

In an effort to show how unworthy Mayor Haynie’s word is, please view the attached video and judge for yourself…..Also see the Palm Beach Post article reprinted in the news article section of BocaWatch.


  1. There really ought to be severe term limits in Boca. One term and you’re out and disqualified from holding a seat for two terms or 6 years. It’s time to roll the entire council over every few years and keep the candidates new and fresh, as well as its ideals to benefit Boca with creative and talented members.

  2. Keep it moving folks, please no rubbernecking here, just another elected career politician going back on their word.
    Elections have consequences.

  3. With all due respect Mr. Editor, it certainly is no surprise that all politicians look through the front glass window and not the rear view mirror as they proceed on their course. Although like most of your readership, I don’t like to be told misrepresentations, the fact of the matter is we all use “poetic license” at one time or another. Mayor Haynie has done a great service to the City of Boca Raton as both Mayor and Councilwoman. She deserves the opportunity to grow, as we all do…so please, let it go!

  4. Figures…my Wife predicted this.
    Maybe this type of behavior will cost her the District 4 County Commission seat . Only time will tell.

  5. @Alan R. West: She pledged to serve 3 years. The ethical thing to would have been to not run for a second term and make an honest heads up run for the county seat. She did not do that and deserves criticism from all quarters. We could be moving ahead working the issues of our city … making Boca better. Instead, we have to go through the expense, turmoil and massive reconfiguration of our city government. #selfishatbest

  6. Mayor Haynie has been devoted to Boca Raton for many years. We citizens do not want to hear anything negative about her in the hope that they might have a chance at her job. If Mayor Haynie has plans for a change, it would only be with Boca’s best interest. She deserves our support, she has worked hard for us, and she knows Boca’s every need and desire.

    • Is your comment meant to be tongue in cheek? She beat Al Zucaro by around 1100 votes after a smear campaign that labeled many of us as Nazis If these are the values you’re condoning then you’re part of the problem. Susan Haynie is a cheap politician.

  7. Dear Dana, we at Boca Watch are all residents also. Almost all of us are seniors that have supported both Susan’s and even far back as Abrams in early 90’s. All of us supported development of any kind for god’s sake. We needed to grow and we should be glad developers wanted to invest here. All of us remember having both Susan’s signs on our front lawns. Basically she has been a good mayor and I truly believe she loves boca and wants to do the right things. But in last 3 years things have change. Developers want our parks for restaurants, our ocean front for wealthy owners, they want to crush the residents to get any and all variances of overdevelopment. Hell with traffic and parking issues. We The People are fighting back before boca is crushed by developers. So don’t tell us we the people have bad intentions. We love boca as much as anyone. There are 31,329 of us and we will not be crushed by outsiders. WE ARE BOCA.

  8. As Mayor of Boca Raton, Ms. Haynie is guaranteed to be in the spotlight for the next year while she continues to receive her salary, her benefits as well as the services of a city paid PR Firm.
    When seeking votes for higher office, ‘Mayor of Boca Raton’ is much more impressive than ‘Former Mayor of Boca Raton’.
    The desperately negative campaign Ms.Haynie ran for Mayor in the 2017 was a must-win in order to secure a county seat.


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