Residents of Boca Raton are fortunate.  Our area is blessed with wonderful weather throughout the year, lending itself to numerous outdoor activities to be taken advantage of.  That being said, Boca’s downtown is maturing and eventually will settle into a welcoming environment for those who live in town, west of town and for our very important family and friends, guests and tourists.

The opportunity to meet-up and stroll the downtown would be greatly enhanced by adding the amenity of a waterfront walking area adjacent to the downtown and part of an active urban park with water features, benches, small concessions and more.  That opportunity could be available at the Palmetto Park Bridge area.  All it takes is vision, creativity and willing partners within the community.

Let’s take the first steps on our stroll by voting YES on Ordinance 5356 on November 8th.  Let’s make all things possible!

If you value this opportunity, make plans to attend Council Member Scott Singer’s Visioning Session – September 19th 6:00-8:00 PM, Downtown Public Library.