I liken voter fraud to shoplifting.  We all know it exists, but very few people see it.

Yet, it is so pervasive, that stores like Walmart have to include it in their business plans to open a new store, so they can ensure profitability.

In fact, Walmart has two numbers it keeps track of: customer shoplifting, and employee inventory reductions.

This happens because no matter how advanced a society becomes there are small numbers of people at the fringes who just like to step outside the boundaries of the law, or think they have some moral higher purpose.

So, does voter fraud exist? Come on. If you think it doesn’t you are delusional. The simple fact is that we do not cover it in the news.

You may not believe me, and that’s fine. But the very next question is “how bad is it?” or “it is not enough to throw an election!” Okay I can promise you Bush v. Gore was decided by voter fraud. The number of votes that separated the two of these candidates was so low at the state level that you can guarantee at least that many people voted who should not have.  Now we don’t know who they voted for… but that number is much smaller than the potential voter fraud in a statewide election.

In fact, if you assume 1% voter fraud nationwide in the 2016 election, and you were to spread it across four states, you could change the election outcome.

In MI there were many precincts that could not be recounted.

What can we do about it?  First, I believe voting day should be a holiday. Second, I believe that high school kids should volunteer to monitor and report at precinct locations, as part of their civic duties. And finally, there should be a poll monitor (or two) at every single precinct whenever voting occurs.  These poll monitors are basically like having a monitor while tests are being taken, to ensure nobody is cheating.  Imagine a precinct that is in a heavy “Independent” precinct.  Imagine every poll worker there is also an “Independent” and they believe their candidate is just and right, and deserves the position, and that if their precinct does better for their candidate that they will win the election. Finally, imagine they have no supervision, and there will be NO AUDIT of their numbers after they are turned in.  (And if there is going to be, they, like the MI workers, knew how to force the precinct to NOT get recounted through damaging the boxes), so there is NO chance anyone will get into trouble.

What can possibly go wrong? Yet we have thousands of precincts nationwide that can be described this way. And we have party level coordination to ensure some of this happens.

So, having monitors who are not corrupt there to monitor would solve a big piece of this. And it was expected people would do this, but nobody talks about it (I only learned about it through the party I was voting for, and I became a monitor, and I cringed at how things were done).

Finally, we should audit our elections. And in random precincts EVERY SINGLE VOTER who voted should be contacted, and the date/time/method of their vote should be confirmed.  Because ballot stuffing usually requires going back and marking people as having shown up to vote (which is why dead people get marked as having voted). And these audits should have consequences!

But we are not serious about election fraud. Our duly elected officials scoff at the idea of even doing 2 basic things. I want you to think about this. And maybe contact your SOE (Susan Bucher or Broward’s Brenda Snipes), and let them know they really should be doing these things.

First, if an absentee ballot arrives and they cannot process it because they actually know the person is dead, it should be forwarded on to the FBI for investigation to determine if two potential criminal acts have been committed.  First, voting with someone else’s ballot, and second, mail fraud.

Second, when you register to vote you check off a box affirming under oath (risk of perjury), that you are in fact a US citizen  Now, when someone gets invited to Jury Duty, they can check off a box (under the risk of perjury) that they are NOT a US citizen.  Now, if they were selected because they are a  registered voter, then you have a clear cut case of perjury.  And if they have ever voted, they have committed voter fraud if they are truly not a citizen. Now Palm Beach County uses Drivers license, but those trigger a voter registration for many so it should still be checked!

Seems pretty simple. Seems like it would be effective. Do you think they are doing it? Ask them. But ask them for the numbers, and the FBI case numbers, or the DA case numbers, or who they referred them to, because my experience is that these elected officials may just say “yes we do that” to blow you off!

The SOEs like to report that there is NO Voter Fraud.  This belies common sense and reality.  The truth is that they have not prioritized clean elections!

By the way, when people talk about recounts, they act like those are audits.  They are not.  A recount cannot find illegal votes, or ballot stuffing.  In fact, in MI where ballot stuffing probably took place, they could NOT recount those precincts, and the official numbers do not get challenged when, in fact, they should have to remove that precinct’s entire results from the election totals as non-certifiable results, but they don’t.

Until we, the people, demand more of ourselves in monitoring our government of elected officials, can we blame them for keeping the status quo, which apparently is working well for them?

President Trump is Getting Tough on Vote Fraud