Special interests try to disrupt democratic process

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Born and raised in Chicago and a graduate of Loyola University. I went on to study at Chicago Kent Law, part of Illinois Institute of Technology, but stopped short to serve in the US Army for 3 years. Moved to Boca Raton with my family 35 years ago and began a 32 year career with IBM as Sales Executive and Business Director Manager with the Manufacturing Technology Center - now the Don Estridge School. Volunteering is in my blood, I especially enjoy working to raise money for children with special needs at the Jewish Community Center and look back fondly on the years spent coaching soccer and supporting Boca Jets football. My two children attended Addison Mizner, St Andrew's, Boca High, and are both graduates of University of Florida. If I sound like a fighter I am, beat cancer three times and I support all survivors who face that same challenge.


  1. What you have described in your video is happening all across Florida. The PBC commissioners are a perfect example of that. Now, they are trying to sell off Ag Reserve land that taxpayers paid for. The developers have figured out that rather than fight every little city and county, they just lobby the State Legislature and get what they need. It’s a well thought out plan. While the residents have been busy living their lives, greed has been quietly moving in, at the local, state, and national level.


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