Our BocaWatch commentator Jack McWalter is back to address more issues facing the residents of Boca Raton. In this video, he will touch on three important points. These include Haynie’s Law, as well as the overwhelming traffic and parking problems impacting our city.

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Born and raised in Chicago and a graduate of Loyola University. I went on to study at Chicago Kent Law, part of Illinois Institute of Technology, but stopped short to serve in the US Army for 3 years. Moved to Boca Raton with my family 35 years ago and began a 32 year career with IBM as Sales Executive and Business Director Manager with the Manufacturing Technology Center - now the Don Estridge School. Volunteering is in my blood, I especially enjoy working to raise money for children with special needs at the Jewish Community Center and look back fondly on the years spent coaching soccer and supporting Boca Jets football. My two children attended Addison Mizner, St Andrew's, Boca High, and are both graduates of University of Florida. If I sound like a fighter I am, beat cancer three times and I support all survivors who face that same challenge.


  1. Jack, the age of happy motoring and driving for every minute daily chore is over, even in this extremely car dependent country. In order to survive and thrive the city must increase density and move away from failed suburban sprawl experiment. Believe it or not car ownership should be as expensive and troublesome as possible. See, the city does not owe you the right to drive through its downtown from West Boca to beach in 10 minutes. Your car-your problem. You living far from everything and arranging your life to be 100% car dependent-your problem again. By the way, I ride through downtown by bicycle regularly-it’s gorgeous-much faster then sitting in traffic in a motorized wheelchair which is a car. And Palmetto promenade is absolutely beautiful, with wide sidewalks, just excellent. I don’t know why you are so angry, try walking or cycling there, it just might change your mind.

    • Bob, Palmetto Promenade does have nice sidewalks and it is enjoyable to walk/cycle there now, but wait until the apartments become occupied. In addition to the residents’ and their visitors’ vehicles there will be service vehicles (garbage trucks, food trucks, emergency vehicles, etc.) and employee vehicles for pedestrians and cyclists to dodge. The apartment project has 170′ of curb cuts on Palmetto Park Road that will disrupt the safety and enjoyment of walking/cycling in front of the project when it is occupied.The bike lanes on NE 2nd St. are designed to give cyclists a safe alternative to cycling on Palmetto Park Road.


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