Secret Financial Dealings Uncovered!


Breaking News: Post Exposes Secret Financial Ties Between Mayor Haynie and Developer

Documents and interviews gathered by Palm Beach Post reporter Lulu Ramadan over the better part of a year have illuminated stunning details about what has been one of the worst kept secrets in town. It is a story first brought to light by BocaWatch’s Al Zucaro in early 2017, and now that the facts are known, you, the resident, have to ask what happens now?

Read the article here:

Secret Financial Ties Between Boca Mayor & Develop Batmasian Revealed


  1. When is the remainder of City Council going to take action… They are there to protect us… they should be demanding answers and holding the City Attorney accountable!
    Andrea… time to represent the residence. Demand an investigation!

    • Yes, the entire Council should call for an independent investigation, or, in the alternative, send it to the Governor for his consideration of the Mayor’s removal from office. At the very least, the Mayor must recuse herself from any vote that directly or indirectly affects the interests of Investments Limited and/or the Batmasians. Al Zucaro

  2. I am tired of the corruption, lies and financial gains of Susan Haynie and her so called NOT CONNECTED to Basmanian.
    THIS NEEDS TO STOP…it is an ethics VIOLATION!
    HOW can we stop this and also get HAYNIE taken OFF the ballot for CITY COMMISSIONER.

    The STATE OWES US an explanation NOW!!! BEFORE any elections are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The City Council must demand an independent investigation. They all had this information in March, 8 months ago. Not one raised the subject in order for the public to be informed. Let’s see if any of the Council members now raise the issue in Chambers. Such an inquiry should be brought forward but…the question then is brought forward by whom? The City Attorney? She, at the very least, was complicit in this breach of the public trust and, thus, cannot be trusted. The Council should hold a ‘No Confidence’ vote and consider immediately relieving the attorney of her duties. Al Zucaro

  3. A friend from Miami Beach sent me this after I shared this morning’s bouquet news with him:

    The system is corrupted. The best candidates money can buy?

    From Wellington’s last election:

    In 2012, about 5,800 people voted in the Wellington election. Assuming close to 6,000 vote this time, the two sides have spent more than $250 per vote.

  4. We ve all known the mayor has been in the pockets of the developers it’s time someone brings this under investigation. Our town has been transformed into a high density and to many high rise apts and condos, with no regard to traffic and what the residents really want. She and several city council members do not represent the majority of the citizens of Boca. It’s obvious there has been collusion between developers and city council except Andrea who I hope will get the investigation going

  5. I am discussed about how the mayor & some council members have turned our city into a huge traffic jam, a towering cement city that is not want the residents want !!! These people have ruined our beautiful town for colluding with developers, bribes & payoffs
    With all the tall buildings, towers of cement and contractors not realizing we are a peninsula, with in time residents will be seeing multipule sink holes thru out the
    Stop all building!!! Vote all out of office,
    they are in cahoots with the builders.
    Haney profits while residents are all affected…. Save our city !!!!!


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