In March of 2018 Boca Raton has an opportunity to make a big change on city council. Monica Mayotte will be running for Seat D and her campaign kick off began last Thursday night.

Monica, a 21 year resident of Boca Raton, chose the Dubliner – a downtown favorite hot spot for her campaign kick off.

Everyone attending had one thing in common, excitement. Councilwoman Andrea O’Rourke, Deputy Mayor Jeremy Rodgers and Councilman Scott Singer were among the hoards of enthusiastic guests at the event.

Ms. Mayotte is a businesswoman, former PTA President & School Advisory Council member, and has also served on government appointed boards since 2009.

Her opponent, incumbent Robert Weinroth, voted in favor of the massive downtown projects and was in favor of parceling off Boca’s dunes for private development.  Monica draws the line in the sand as far as these issues are concerned, thumbs down, she considers herself a ‘resident friendly’ advocate for the residents of Boca Raton and her supporters are helping to spread the word, “We can make a difference with Monica”!