Removing ‘Welcoming’ Language from the Resolution Avoids a Very “Hot Topic”


Publisher’s Comment:

Last week BocaWatch reported that our City Council was presented with a diversity resolution that included the use of the phrase ‘welcoming community’.   The ordinance originated at the Palm Beach County League of Cities by West Palm Beach City Commissioner Keith James.  West Palm Beach has already declared itself a ‘welcoming city’; a declaration meaning that all city employees will not help federal law enforcers looking for immigrants for deportation purposes.  The resolution introduced by Council member Weinroth was a ‘feel good’ resolution and would have passed without debate but for my pointing out that ‘welcoming’ is synonymous with ‘sanctuary’ in the context of the nation immigration debate.  Reluctantly the council agreed to remove the phrase ‘welcoming’ and adopted the resolution with a 5-0 vote.   Linked to this article is a report in the Palm Beach Post covering Boynton Beach struggle with the ‘sanctuary’ issue.   Their emotional and contentious council meeting this week is not something we, in Boca Raton, need to have.   Boca Raton is not and has never indicated itself to be a ‘sanctuary’ city.  BocaWatch appreciates the fact that the City Council had the wisdom to avoid even the suggestion that our leadership’s position has changed.

Al Zucaro, Publisher

Boynton Beach decides: We won’t become a ‘sanctuary city’


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Alfred Zucaro has resided in Palm Beach County since 1982 and has been a resident of Boca Raton since 2008. A graduate of Fordham University, he holds a Magna Cum Laude degree in Economics. Mr. Zucaro attended Nova University receiving a Juris Doctorate Law Degree in 1986. He is a member in good standing with the Florida Bar, practicing in the area of Immigration Law for the majority of his career. Currently he is manager/member of Palm Beach Investment and Finance LLC, a USCIS approved regional center identifying foreign investment leading to permanent resident status. Mr. Zucaro served as a City Commissioner in West Palm Beach from 1995 to 2002 and as the President of the City Commission in 2000/2001. He has also been a member of and/or served on the Economic Council, the Business Development Board, the Film and Television Commission, the Tourist Development Council, the Workforce Alliance and the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Of particular interest is his founding of the World Trade Center Palm Beach, an organization that focuses on international economic development. Married to Yvonne Boice, they are avid world travelers having visited 6 continents and dozens of countries since their 2008 nuptials.


  1. Regardless of the wording, immigrants will still come to Boca Raton. Unless you build a wall around Boca Raton, you’re not going to stop people from coming here. The high prices of real estate might stop them from buying in Boca Raton but you will not stop them from coming here.

  2. Sometimes you just can’t make up the facts…Today’s Sun Sentinel reports that 6,192 immigrants were taken into custody this year up from 3,524 last year. The Sun Sentinel also reported that deportations in the Miami Immigration office are up 20% with 7,100 removals compared to 5,600 last year. Referenced in the article is that “…some local governments have thought about ideas to stem the crackdown, weighing if they should label themselves “welcoming” or “sanctuary” communities.” As reported in BocaWatch, the resolution introduced by Councilman Weinroth last week at the request of the Palm Beach County League of Cities would have placed Boca Raton on this very course. Boca Raton is not a sanctuary city and should not allow the label of “welcoming” to be applied in any manner that can be interpreted as “sanctuary.” (See Sun-Sentinel Friday December 8, 2017 front page story by Aric Chokey, “Immigrant arrests soar in Florida”.) Al Zucaro, Publisher


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