Patch Reef Park: Please Take Our Poll About The Plans To Commercialize It

Should Rafael Nadal get to build a tennis school over half the land at Patch Reef Park?

Is Rafael Nadal ENTITLED to almost half the land in YOUR Patch Reef Park?

Take our poll – let’s hear your opinion!

This BocaWatch poll is for Boca Raton residents only.

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We need everyone’s opinion.

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  1. Need more information before voting. Would the facility be significantly bigger than the current one, i.e. would it take land from surrounding park? What benefits, if any, does it offer the public, example cost-efficient access to world class coaches and facilities? Would I pay a similar price to rent a court or would the prices go up a lot? Unless we have some of these questions answered it’s hard to say whether it’s a good idea or not.


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