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Publisher’s Comment:

BocaWatch has been as effective as it is due in large part to Florida’s Government in the Sunshine Laws and access to public records.  Government in the Sunshine is constantly under attack by local governments and lobbyists to chip away at the availability of records or, in some cases, completely block the public’s access to information.  This is an ongoing and troubling threat.  The First Amendment Foundation is a diligent warrior in the war to keep public records ‘public.’  BocaWatch encourages you to google this group; become familiar with its efforts and successes; and consider contributing to their effort to reach a fund raising goal in this ‘giving’ season.  Access to public records insure ‘Good Goverence’.  Without such access, just think what ‘backroom’ deals could have been done ‘out of the sunshine’ by the past and present elected officials here in Boca Raton!

Al Zucaro, Publisher

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