As Boca Mayor Haynie falters in the Court of Public Opinion, the cloud over her now casts a shadow on Singer, Rodgers and Weinroth as they fail to make the hard decisions. Al Zucaro reveals why.

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Alfred Zucaro has resided in Palm Beach County since 1982 and has been a resident of Boca Raton since 2008. A graduate of Fordham University, he holds a Magna Cum Laude degree in Economics. Mr. Zucaro attended Nova University receiving a Juris Doctorate Law Degree in 1986. He is a member in good standing with the Florida Bar, practicing in the area of Immigration Law for the majority of his career. Currently he is manager/member of Palm Beach Investment and Finance LLC, a USCIS approved regional center identifying foreign investment leading to permanent resident status. Mr. Zucaro served as a City Commissioner in West Palm Beach from 1995 to 2002 and as the President of the City Commission in 2000/2001. He has also been a member of and/or served on the Economic Council, the Business Development Board, the Film and Television Commission, the Tourist Development Council, the Workforce Alliance and the Palm Beach International Film Festival. Of particular interest is his founding of the World Trade Center Palm Beach, an organization that focuses on international economic development. Married to Yvonne Boice, they are avid world travelers having visited 6 continents and dozens of countries since their 2008 nuptials.


  1. The Mayor’s response to Joe Scarpa reinforced her contempt for the citizens of Boca Raton. While the city council may not be directly responsible for solving this problem our elected officials should own the problem and take responsibility for seeing that it gets solved. That’s what leaders do. But Susan Haynie is not a leader. Susan Haynie is a bureaucrat and career politician more concerned with not offending some other bureaucrat in Palm Beach County than she is about school overcrowding.

  2. First, I’d like to let you know I personally reached out to Joe Scarpa after the meeting and we’re working together to address his valid concerns on school over-crowding. In that council meeting, public comment got moved to a spot ahead of our council-member reports, and Mr Scarpa had left before we got to the time when we traditionally respond. It’s part of the issue with making last minute agenda changes, but I’m happy to report we’ve initiated a good conversation and where to seek assistance.

    My Zucaro, regarding your allegations that I am not pursuing action because of timing and wanting to please the “donor class”, that is 100% false. It’s a nice narrative to spin, but you really believe that? I don’t think so. The Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics is the independently appointed body, that has both the charge and the capabilities to oversee enforcement of ethics complaints. Allegations should be reviewed there, not in the media and certainly not in a PAC like BocaWatch, The ethics commission is the right spot for these allegations whether there was an election next year, last year, or not at all.

    The Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics
    “The mission of the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics is to foster integrity in public services, to promote the public’s trust and confidence in that service, and to prevent conflicts between private interests and public duties.

    We strive to accomplish this mission by conducting ongoing educational programs, community outreach, providing clear and timely advice, and fairly and impartially interpreting and enforcing the conflict of interest and financial disclosure laws.” Source –

    That’s a heck of a lot clearer mission than trying to scramble for some language in Robert’s Rules of order or reaching to treat the CRA like an appointed board of volunteers. Additionally, the commission is truly independent of our body, the city council. I, personally, am not independent or without conflict of interest of this process; I’d become Mayor. The other three council members are not independent of this process; one has already announced for Mayor. You (Al Zuccaro) are not independent of this process; you ran for the seat, and many think you want to run again. The right thing to do is to send this issue to the independent board, whose sole purpose focuses on this areas; it’s our job to make sure it gets there, and that’s what I did — and it took three attempts on my part.

    Good governing is ensuring that Boca Raton is the best place to live, the best place to work or start a business, and the best place to raise a family. It’s following the rules. It’s not getting mired down in politics or trying to make up the rules as we go along.

  3. Jeremy, you have convinced yourself that you are following the right path and you may be right. But the vast majority of the boca residents see the “texas 2 step” and we are tired of dancing to the donor class running this city. Especially when we see who Haynie’s lawyer is as in Mark Herron from Tallahassee . Ethics expert yeh right. Oh she might get a $1000 fine and don’t do that stuff again and right back to where we were with the developers running the show. Your last sentence you said “follow the rules”. We don’t see that happening in numerous cases. The residents don’t believe or trust this city council. It started a long time ago and reach its climax with the wildflower vote. When Haynie accused Majhess of being a drug guy and motorcycle gang guy all wrong accusations we were shocked that she went into the gutter. Followed up with accusing all of boca watch as being Nazi’s. We see you as a nice young man but very naïve as to what is happening behind our backs. Midtown and Royal Palm are prime examples. You probably are not invited to those secret discussions on their next move to destroy Boca Watch. We are proud here that we are standing up for the residents and will continue right up to March 2018.

  4. Jeremy—- you knew about the ethics issue in March and chose to do nothing until forced to do so by the PBP and SS.

    Schools? Again, getting on board the school bus once Mr Scarpa put your nose in it. Had you been paying attention to your responsibilities to the voters you should have known “Let George do it” or “Not my job” doesn’t work after you are outed as an ineffective politician. You failed on two accounts and here you want to get re-elected? Why should we re-elect you?

  5. Jeremy, yesterday’s workshop was a joke. There is no intention of providing parking now or in the future downtown in my opinion. The discussion saying that possibly 796 private spots as in shared is a solution. Yeh right. I can see Tower 165 or Mizner 200 residents want strangers around . Security and liability issues. Than when you started discussing “stacking” as in New York with mechanized lifts I lost it. And than uber and pedi cabs were brought up and found the whole discussion as a ruse. “put on roofs” was unbelievable. Than it hit me . After Royal Pam we got a manhatten scenario. By 2022 downtown will need only 125 to 150 more spaces. This would make for a great Saturday night live skit. And than the Downtowner folks showed up. OK folks and will help a very little. So basically,the council is kicking the can down the road. And than your Midtown rezoning discussion was cute. Put off until tonight. At least you are trying to get answers when you asked Leif what are we doing with the proceeds from the golf course sale ,2 meetings ago,and he said “special fund” HUH. I asked about $300 million from 1 cent sales tax and he said the same. See my point. Zero transparency. They are even treating you as a mushroom and keeping you in the dark and feeding you a lot of crap. You and Singer are basically good smart guys that are trying to do what is best for the city but time you both grow a pair of balls. Tonight will be interesting. .


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