Nameless, Faceless but Not Fearless


I find it interesting, as we move through the election cycle, how so many elements on one side or the other are afraid to “show themselves”. As one who is new to the process of politics in Boca Raton I am saddened to see those who take shots at the other side and not reveal themselves by name choosing to remain anonymous. Doesn’t that somehow bother you too?

Why do people do this? It’s easy to explain. They can say all manner of inaccurate and false things and not be responsible for them hoping you will just read the information and take it as fact. Well, you and I shouldn’t. We see too much of this on the Internet and on the national stage. I always try to check stuff out before I forward it to friends or family just because I don’t want to look the fool when it turns out I am terribly wrong and have been sucked in to another misleading lie by some idiot. It happens here in Boca too with various web sites claiming to proclaim the “truth”.

Hey, everyone I trust and know who is involved in the process is happy to stand up and say “this is me and I said this” but not all people are truly vested in their position and offer no proof of authorship. So, as we move further toward our National Election and our local elections in November and March, use some common sense. If someone will not put their name on it or state where you can find the correct statement or answer, disregard what they say. Additionally, if you follow a website and they will not encourage differing views or rebuttal to their posted information, you can bet they are bogus and not truthful only trying to mislead you with their undocumented information.

Check out and read everything you can so when you vote you are informed. Just ask yourself how accurate something can be if the author will not put her or his name on it.

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Nancy and James Hendrey arrived in Boca Raton 32 years ago as IBMers. From Hawaii to Dallas to Atlanta and Boca, for them, IBM meant "I've Been Moved". In 1988 they chose to leave IBM management and take an employee "buyout" and start their own business. Twenty-five years later they chose to retire and stay in place. "With our previous experience as teachers, sales professionals, product developers, advertising managers, small business owners and real estate developers, we both have unspent energy, especially when it comes to protecting the city we love."


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