Publisher’s Comment:

Dear Mayor…please do not take us, the residents, for fools. Nancy Hendrey took the public microphone and raised a concern on your lack of disclosure about an ownership interest in Community Reliance, LLC.  Public records unequivocally establishes your ownership interest in that company from its inception in 2007 until last year. What is also unequivocal is that for all years since Community Reliance LLC was establish you have failed to list this ownership interest on the required Form 1 filing. As Ms. Hendrey was leaving the microphone, you thank her for her comment and stated that the Form 1 assertion was merely ‘alleged’ at the Ethics Commission in Tallahassee.

Listed below are copies of your Form 1 filings for the years 2012 to 2016. The Form 1 filings are public records and available at the City Clerk’s office with a Public Records Request. A cursory look clearly establishes that in none of these filings did you list your ownership interest in Community Reliance, LLC.

Again, please stop thinking that the public is stupid. You are entitled to your own ‘spin’ but you are not entitled to your own ‘facts’. The public is too smart for that.

Al Zucaro, Publisher

Below are the 2012 – 2016 Form 1 Filings, none of which have appropriate disclosure.