Some refer to followers as “no-growth residents” falsifying the real reason behind the dialogue. Residents have come together to provide and ensure a better future for younger generations. The goal is not to complain or stop development, but to make certain City Council Members do the right thing and vision the big picture.

On August 9th, Citizens joined the Boca Raton City Council Meeting with hopes that the Council would adopt an ordinance to restrict commercial development on City owned waterfront property. Residents in favor of this ordinance were left disappointed, once again.

Conspiring to place a chain restaurant in place of green space, the City Council Members have shifted the movement to the November 8th election.  On this date, registered voters will check a yes or no box to adopt Ordinance 5356 on a ballot.

Looking in, it seems Citizens have not been given a voice on many sensitive subjects. While Members were elected in office by the Residents, agendas appear to differ. One Council Member even stated, “If you do not like the building and development, you are free to move.” Additionally, this specific member voiced that he wanted to see sides campaigning against each other. The question is why?

Why are the Council Members determined to develop the Wildflower property? Why does the City approve the majority of variances? Why is there so much building? What role does the Boca Raton Chamber play into City Council decisions?

Further, what is their agenda?

What will it take for City Council Members to open their mind and listen to the people? It comes down to responsibility.  If anyone is reading this, please help save our much needed green space from greed. Vote yes to Ordinance 5356. What we decide now will impact the character of our city for generations.