At a recent town hall gathering, hosted by Council member Scott Singer, more than eighty-six photos representing possibilities of uses for our downtown adjacent, city owned, waterfront properties were presented to an enthusiastic crowd of more than one hundred and thirty people.

After a vote of the attendees a top ten list was created.  Prominent in the top ten were recreational and family oriented suggestions.  It is worth noting that in spite of a number of dining options available, not a single one made the top ten.

Included in the top ten and widely received was the choice of an interactive water feature.  By voting YES on “ City of Boca Raton Question”, listed on the last page of the November 8th Ballot, the interactive water feature becomes closer to a reality.

On November 8th you can vote your imagination – vote Yes on “City of Boca Raton Question” to keep our waterfront parks available for recreation, boating, public gathering places, fun and more!