Guest Commentary: Poor Planning Equals Poor Performance!


Why is there no city wide, comprehensive plan for how Boca must grow?  Schools and other infrastructure needs are forgotten or dismissed.  Why will we be 138% in classroom capacity by 2021?  Is the Palm Beach School Board at fault?  Past and some current council members have taken their eye off the city as a COMMUNITY.  They focus more on specific development projects without considering the consequences affecting all citizens.  This is not the way to manage or govern.

City leaders should have been the squeaky wheel demanding more schools especially when we contribute so much in taxes.  Our school situation was foreseen years ago.  Council members had no plan while they rocked along building to make Boca “A World Class City.”  Without enough classrooms – there are 220+ portable classrooms, does that not speak for itself?  They painted themselves and us into a corner.  Now the Council seems forced to use park land vs having kept our all-important schools and infrastructure in focus.   There are more creative ways to fix the problem vs. taking park land.  The Mayor prides herself on having been on City Staff and in office over 25 years.  What, she couldn’t see this coming, why not?   She and Bob Weinroth represent our city at The Florida League of Cities.  Schools and infrastructure aren’t discussed?

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Myopia has caused many Council members to focus on issues like:

-Allow greater high density development – Midtown, Mizner 200
-Make it bigger – Mizner 200, Palmetto Prominade, Via Mizner
-Fund elections – Follow the money – Weinroth & Haynie.
-Inadequate parking and infrastructure – pro developer.
-Forget about traffic – spend $48,000,000 to change Dixie and  Federal to one-way streets. A super expensive fix!

Robert Weinroth is the poster child for unbridled building in our City.  The Mayor and her longstanding financial and business relationship with the development crowd is legendary.  She boldly does not recuse herself on votes impacting her long term business relationship with the largest landowner in town…Why do we tolerate this?  Given she misrepresented herself in the last election and now has her eye on the County Commission

Just follow the money and the big developer contributors, it’s payoff  time for Haynie and Weinroth.

Query….Why are Boca schools overcrowded with Boca having a tax base and the fiscal ability we have? This education shortfall speaks volumes on the motives of some elected officials.  For some, it’s all about “ME” and not about “US”.  Only “WE” can make it about “US” through our vote for change in March and next November.

Remember your vote is your voice; let your voice be heard in election(s) 2018.

James Hendrey

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Nancy and James Hendrey arrived in Boca Raton 32 years ago as IBMers. From Hawaii to Dallas to Atlanta and Boca, for them, IBM meant "I've Been Moved". In 1988 they chose to leave IBM management and take an employee "buyout" and start their own business. Twenty-five years later they chose to retire and stay in place. "With our previous experience as teachers, sales professionals, product developers, advertising managers, small business owners and real estate developers, we both have unspent energy, especially when it comes to protecting the city we love."


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