With Hurricane Irma heading our way our focus is on safety.

A hurricane can bring out the worst of Mother Nature and the best of Human Nature. Let your neighbors know your hurricane plans and know their plans as well.

If you are evacuating, leave early. Lawn furniture or potted plants need to be stored, construction materials secured and the entire property battened down.

Elderly neighbors may need a reassuring word or assistance with supplies. No one should be outside during the storm and all doors and windows closed and storm locked. Identify a safe location within your home in the event of a structural breach and secure all your pets as conditions warrant.

Local news stations and social media are keeping most of us up to date on storm tracking.

We know Jose, another weather system, is out there too and potentially heading this way. So remain vigilant and hold on to those remaining supplies. Stay aware.

The BocaWatch Team is wishing the best for everyone. Please stay safe.

BocaWatch will return to its normal weekly schedule as soon as conditions allow.

Alfred Zucaro, Publisher

• City’s Citizen Information Center is 561-982-4900.
• City website www.myboca.us/BePrepared
• FaceBook updates – Boca Raton Police Services Department
• Blog Updates – www.Nextdoor.com
• Storm tracking www.windy.com or www.ventusky.com



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