Open Letter to the Community:

An item on the March 28th  agenda for City Council Boards and Committees appointment list is a request by Glenn Gromann to remain on the Planning & Zoning Board (P&Z).  His removal from this Board is crucial to residents hoping to have unbiased suggestions and recommendations for development projects going forward to the City Council from the P&Z Board.

Anyone who cannot attend the council meeting might want to address city officials with your concerns over his reappointment:

– In 2010 Mr. Gromann pled guilty to misdemeanor DUI, according to county court records. A charge of resisting a police officer was not prosecuted by the state.

– In 2011 The FTC filed a civil suit against Mr. Gromann’s law firm for offering fraudulent mortgage relief services to distressed homeowners.

– In 2007 and 2012 petitions to serve on city boards, Mr. Gromann holds himself out as an Attorney at Law with 30+years of experience in real estate development.  In 2012 he states that he is also a lobbyist with no indication as to whom he was lobbying for and what projects were potentially involved.

– In early 2016 the Florida Bar sent a file on Mr. Gromann to the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit Unlicensed Practice of Law Committee B.  In September of 2016 that Committee closed the case based on the acceptance of a ‘cease and desist affidavit’ and Mr. Gromann agreeing not to engage in any activities which would constitute unlicensed practice of law under existing decisions of the Supreme Court of Florida.

– In 2015 Mr. Gromann stated on TV and in the press that the residents of the barrier island were anti-Semitic. Why,  because the residents opposed variances granted by the city to build a museum on East Palmetto Park Road. In fact, if Mr. Gromann had done his job properly the project, as presented, would never have passed P&Z in the first place.

-During the recent hearing for the Hillstone restaurant at the Wildflower site Mr. Gromann, who championed the project, stated that the 45 year lease to assigned to the restaurant chain was ‘boiler plate’  and its terms in the ‘top 1%’ of leases he has reviewed.

– Mr. Gromann participated in the 2500 North Ocean Blvd variance recommendation to allow the construction of a 10,000 sq. ft. structure on the dunes on A1A.  Said recommendation by the P&Z Board was given in spite of this request being turned down twice by the Zoning Board of Adjustments.

I’m sure you all can add to this list of reasons why Mr. Gromann should not be making decisions on the numerous projects currently submitted for approvals within the Development Services Department at City Hall.

One such project is the controversial Midtown proposal for the rezoning of an approximate 300 acre parcel near the Boca Center that contemplates significant commercial expansion along the Military Trail corridor, a Tri-Rail station with its collateral parking needs and an imposing high density residential area(s) of 2500 units.

Mr. Gromann has business interests in properties that will be affected by any P&Z decisions taken for this evolving Midtown development proposal and thus is conflicted to participate in this process.  Moreover, in prior applications on file with the city, Mr. Gromann boasted about the extent of his business interests and his involvement in other land parcels in and around the Midtown proposal.  He has never disclosed the specifics of this involvement nor the client base to which he serves.

Mr. Gromann is a consistent voice for unbridled overdevelopment.   The opportunity to prevent his reappointment to the P&Z Board is one that we, the residents, cannot let slip past us again.

Let the City Council hear from you on this matter:

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