GREEN Residents:

The time has come for a NEW consciousness in our beautiful City.

It is a time for old methods of toxic chemical spraying in our public spaces to be replaced with natural/organic and non-toxic alternatives to transform our public parks! ‘GREEN BOCA NOW!’ is encouraging our City Officials and Parks Department to join others in the nation and ride the wave,  creating a ‘PESTICIDE FREE COMMUNITY’! GREEN BOCA NOW requests starting with our most prized Beach parks and Dune woods!

There is no time to waste; there is no excuse not too!!!

This innovative, environmental focus is a MUST to PROTECT and PRESERVE Boca’s sensitive ecosystems and established green spaces. Residents must encourage our City Council and Administration to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy as numerous cities throughout the country have already done-some cities for almost 20 years!

TOXIC chemicals are linked to a variety of known adverse health outcomes in people, as well as detrimental environmental impacts to wildlife, water, soil and air. We believe our Parks Department can serve as a model to the public for the use of sustainable and natural/organic weed, insect and invasive vine management alternatives. Chemical pesticides, herbicides and insecticides have been scientifically proven to be TOXIC to pregnant women, children, general public, and especially wildlife species. Federal registration of these assorted chemicals is NO guarantee of safety!

‘GREEN BOCA NOW’ -at the November City Council meeting- requested the city to opt-out of all spraying of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and insecticides products at our Beach parks and Dune woods! The use of alternative natural or organic products in these sensitive GREEN beach and dune locations is urgently needed…

The concept of sustainability obligates and compels municipalities to balance concern for the economic, environmental and social viability of a community by taking a systematic, holistic, and comprehensive approach to these park maintenance operations. Organic solutions exist and are extremely effective when correctly implemented and applied. To date, Boca Raton’s implementation of these available organic solutions have been less than stellar; and the negatives are painfully apparent in the impacts on our wildlife.

GREEN BOCA needs the support of every resident to make this shift happen in our City! Protecting the health and welfare of our community is of utmost importance…

Boca Raton – Protect Our Parks (3)

Contact the City Council and encourage them to move in this important environmentally sensitive direction.

Follow ‘GREEN BOCA NOW!’ For further details, contact me at and stay tuned here at BocaWatch for
future articles and updates on this important subject; a subject not to be casually set aside!!!

Happy & Healthy Holidays to ALL!