Demand Boca Raton ‘OPT-OUT ‘of Using Chemical Pesticides: STOP ‘Poisoning’ Beach Parks and Dune Woods Environment!


GREEN Residents:

The time has come for a NEW consciousness in our beautiful City.

It is a time for old methods of toxic chemical spraying in our public spaces to be replaced with natural/organic and non-toxic alternatives to transform our public parks! ‘GREEN BOCA NOW!’ is encouraging our City Officials and Parks Department to join others in the nation and ride the wave,  creating a ‘PESTICIDE FREE COMMUNITY’! GREEN BOCA NOW requests starting with our most prized Beach parks and Dune woods!

There is no time to waste; there is no excuse not too!!!

This innovative, environmental focus is a MUST to PROTECT and PRESERVE Boca’s sensitive ecosystems and established green spaces. Residents must encourage our City Council and Administration to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Policy as numerous cities throughout the country have already done-some cities for almost 20 years!

TOXIC chemicals are linked to a variety of known adverse health outcomes in people, as well as detrimental environmental impacts to wildlife, water, soil and air. We believe our Parks Department can serve as a model to the public for the use of sustainable and natural/organic weed, insect and invasive vine management alternatives. Chemical pesticides, herbicides and insecticides have been scientifically proven to be TOXIC to pregnant women, children, general public, and especially wildlife species. Federal registration of these assorted chemicals is NO guarantee of safety!

‘GREEN BOCA NOW’ -at the November City Council meeting- requested the city to opt-out of all spraying of chemical-based pesticides, herbicides and insecticides products at our Beach parks and Dune woods! The use of alternative natural or organic products in these sensitive GREEN beach and dune locations is urgently needed…

The concept of sustainability obligates and compels municipalities to balance concern for the economic, environmental and social viability of a community by taking a systematic, holistic, and comprehensive approach to these park maintenance operations. Organic solutions exist and are extremely effective when correctly implemented and applied. To date, Boca Raton’s implementation of these available organic solutions have been less than stellar; and the negatives are painfully apparent in the impacts on our wildlife.

GREEN BOCA needs the support of every resident to make this shift happen in our City! Protecting the health and welfare of our community is of utmost importance…

Boca Raton – Protect Our Parks (3)

Contact the City Council and encourage them to move in this important environmentally sensitive direction.

Follow ‘GREEN BOCA NOW!’ For further details, contact me at and stay tuned here at BocaWatch for
future articles and updates on this important subject; a subject not to be casually set aside!!!

Happy & Healthy Holidays to ALL!


  1. I have done research since getting breast cancer 18 months ago and am gratefully cancer free. I have lived in Boca for 40 years. I am dedicated to medical research and belong to THE HEALTH RANGER , THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER and CRUSBEATCANCER. All confirm that Monsanto which produces Roundup “controls” the FDA. All reputable scientists have concurred that this chemical is insidious and carcinogenic. It should be banned period but we must take charge on a local level and set an example, as some other progressive and concerned cities have done, and STOP USING ROUNDUP. Stop believing the lies for money that this is safe and will provide more good food source. In a time when many are NON GMO and organic this is counter to all who believe in health and the survival of animals and the environment. I will do whatever to help make this a reality!

    • Good morning and thank you for your thoughtful comment. Public sentiment moves mountains….’Share’ this article with all your friends and your entire social network. Encourage everyone you know to also ‘share’ this to send emails and place phone calls to the city council and to city hall. We already know that three of the sitting city council members have minor children or grandchildren and should be deeply concerned….Watch the city council members reactions to Ms. Quinn’s presentation. Sending this issue to the Green Living Advisory Board is a start but the only way to effect change is for the council to order the manager to implement the recommended changes. Without the commitment of the council, very little, if anything, will get done….Al Zucaro, Publisher

  2. Perhaps the largest governmental user of herbicides in the City of Boca Raton is the Lake Worth Drainage District. The LWDD routinely sprays herbicides on the banks of their canals and also uses the chemicals in the water for weed control.

    There has been a dramatic reduction of the native life in our parks. The managed feral cat colonies in our beachfront parks has had a devastating impact on the native species.


    Most vets have signs in their office acknowledging 24% of our pet dogs die from cancer. Many of those pups drink from roadside puddles while being walked. Chemicals for pest and weed control enter the streets and other locations where we walk our buddies. Just a heads up, the emotional and vet costs are huge when some potion of dogs could be kept from contracting cancer if their owners made sure they did not drink from puddles and ponds.

  4. Thank you Lauren for educating the public on the devastating effects of spraying toxic chemicals in our parks where our children and grandchildren play. The City is now on notice and citizens must call, email and demand that Boca go green!

  5. Please, please stop the madness!
    Please stop killing these innocent animals, & killing & disrespecting our Mother Earth & ultimately poisoning & polluting the environment for our children, grandchildren & great grand children…

  6. It is concerning to me that we continue to use these products knowing of the health issues they cause. I know several people that live on golf courses where they are constantly spraying get sick and many have had their dogs die from lymphoma. Studies have been done and it is a fact that 70% of dogs with lymphoma come in contact with pesticides. The fact that the city of Boca sprays the Spainish River dog park is a shame. Dogs pick up the pesticides through their paws and their noses. I know many people that use the park that probably have no idea this is happening. And what about what all these chemicals are doing to our wildlife? We need to educate ourselves to make this a safer place to live and going green is the way to do that.

  7. I can’t believe they would spray these toxins where most people would walk barefoot. Adults and children could be absorbing these chemicals while having a great day at the beach. Why? I just don’t understand!

  8. Before anything else I compliment the hard-working employees, who keep the parks clean and inviting!
    While the green initiative is certainly noble I believe there are more insipid and serious problems impacting our ocean waterfront parks:
    1) Vagrants living in the parks do more harm than chemicals
    2) One woman feeds feral cats daily by lifeguard stand number three. The cats certainly do more harm to the ecosystem than the use of chemicals
    3) Fake “service dogs” defecate in the sand regularly. The beach rake then spreads the feces over the sand so it is not seen and then children build castles and I’ve seen young ones putting sand in their mouths.
    4) the dunes are regularly trampled killing the sea oats that the taxpayers paid for to preserve the dunes.

    I think we should make a concerted effort to address these issues prior to the use of chemicals at the beach parks.


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