BocaWatch Satire: Boca Residents’ Proverbial Doorway….Kick the Bum(s) Out!


Publisher’s Comment:

In last week’s City Council meeting, incumbent Councilmembers Rodgers and Weinroth both invoked the BocaWatch coined phrase “resident friendly”.   Both are candidates for re-election in the March 2018 municipal elections and both are welcome to present their platforms supporting this invocation.  Invitations have been extended to both Rodgers and Weinroth to publish articles reviewing their voting record under a ‘resident friendly’ microscope.  Both are invited to sit with Katie Barr on ‘What’s Boca Saying’ for a video interview offering residents  opportunity to judge for themselves.  BocaWatch is compiling comprehensive look backs at the voting history for these two candidates.  Along with this voting record analysis, BocaWatch will publish reports on campaign financing and on gift disclosures made during the individual candidate’s years in public office.  Similar reports will be forthcoming for Susan Haynie in her campaign to be elected County Commissioner and for City Councilmember Singer, who, by the time you read this, will most likely have announced his bid to run in the special election to replace the Mayor….Let the musical chairs begin…with the music written with ‘notes’ recorded in the public record

Al Zucaro

‘Resident Friendly’ is the dominant theme for the March 2018 elections!

Image created by Jessica Gray

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