Battle Over Undeveloped Green Space


Publisher’s Comment

Something to note about the Hidden Valley golf course situation is that the current owner, Tuttle Land Investments, may have no intention of developing the property. Here is a description of their business model:

Tuttle land Investment looks for Real Estate Investment Opportunities in South and Central Florida where the property is either: under zoned, or has environmental problems, or is small and fragmented, or has difficult sellers, or difficult neighbors, or difficult county/city commissions, it then purchases the property and undertakes the process of correcting all the land challenges getting it ready to sell to an end user.

Perhaps that end user could be the City of Boca Raton; such a move would go a long way to ease the residents’ concerns for their quality of life.

Al Zucaro, Publisher



Image created by Jessica Gray


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Originally from Nebraska, Jessica Gray has resided in east Boca Raton since 2004, living on the barrier island. Graduating Florida Atlantic University in 2009, Jessica has a degree in Business Marketing, and is a Managing Member at a software sales company. As a founder of Boca Save our Beaches, Jessica’s passions are animals and nature. She is adept in sustainability and looks to the future of Boca Raton.


  1. Enough is enough.

    I moved my family here during 1972

    A beautiful Bedroom community.

    Let us keep it that way.

    Crocker is the one who gains the most, who is the one person pushing for it.

    Who is pushing for two stations? Hmm

    Boca does not need 2 Tooneyville Train stations

    Our gasoline Taxes are being used to subsidize this Train operation

    Which has Lost our Tax money from the start

    This plan smells, and should be investigated



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