A Small Plan is Better than None.


A small plan is better than none. Not planning is planning to fail!

Publisher’s Comment:  Last week’s ‘small area plan’ session was disappointing to many who attended.  Of particular note is the projected timeline for a result.  According to the facilitator, a final report is anticipated in October/November, 2018; some six months from now.  That report would then need to be incorporated into an agenda item for subsequent City Council action.  A final regulation could be presented to the public sometime in early first quarter 2019.  Why?  City staff already has a draft regulation. Why was staff’s draft regulation not presented at Wednesday’s gathering so attendees could have commented on an actual regulatory plan?  That may have been more productive in identifying public sentiment and, potentially, a practical solution; an actual ‘small area plan’ embraced by the pubic. Instead, the evening did allow for a therapeutic group catharsis, but offered little in the way of a net positive result.

Al Zucaro
Publisher of BocaWatch

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