Publisher’s Comment:

As you may know, our elected officials, as a general rule, convene regularly to present to the public the inner workings of government and advise on the topic of the day.  Keeping track of it all is more than a full time job….and it seems to be gaining steam on a monthly basis.   December 11th and 12th , are the last CRA/City Council meeting in 2017 with the year ending in a blockbuster manner to say the least.  By the time you receive this, the CRA/City Council workshop of Dec. 11th will have already taken place.  You are encouraged to visit Boca TV to see those important discussions conducted.

These discussions include but are not limited to the following:

  • A Comprehensive Waterfront Master Plan Update by consultant EDSA;
  • Faulk Center Pilot Program – Group Counseling for High Schools…a non-profit with the tag line of “The Skill to Heal, The Heart to Care”.  What is this and what does it have to do with Boca Raton governance???;
  • A School District Update on overcrowding and, perhaps, an explanation of the School Board’s  formula to determine solutions including the possibility of re-zoning district boundaries.  Such re-districting was attempted recently in Boynton Beach and was reported in the Sun-Sentinel on October 26, 2017 by reporter Lois K. Solomon.  A question to ponder…what if Boca Raton kids are re-zoned out of a Boca ‘A’ school to a some other school outside of Boca Raton.
  • Boca Raton Championship Golf Tournament…..with an update on what we, the Boca Raton and Greater Beach and Park District, residents, get for the one and one-half million dollar ($1,500,000.00) taxpayer subsidy/sponsorship committed to this event.  Included in this figure, taxpayers are also providing police and fire services!!!   REALLY????;
  • A ‘MIDTOWN’ Update…and from the looks of the background materials, this will be hours in discussion…All are encouraged to look at the ‘Staff Memorandum’ and other documents attached to this agenda item.

If that is not enough, let’s now look at the Tuesday evening, December 12th agenda….

Early in the meeting, Item 5A under Proclamations/Presentations is an appearance by Mark Bannon, Executive Director, Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics.   There is no backup materials provided for this agenda item but from the letter received from Mr. Bannon last week we know that he will not be revisiting the 2013 Opinion that the Mayor has used as justification for her many votes in matter involving Batmasian interests; undisclosed interests since at least 2010.

Item 11, Quasi-Judicial and Related Public Hearings have a number of interesting items:

  • Resolution No. 165-2017 will consider a Planned Mobility Development (PMD) Master Plan request to allow development of a 284-unit multifamily residential project; a project requiring four (4) modifications of development parameters.    (284 more units impacting roadways, public safety services and school overcrowding.)

Item 12, Regular Public Hearings contains the following items:

  • Ordinance No. 5431 creating “Procedures Regarding Ethics”; “Procedures for Request for Advisory Opinions” regarding requests of officials and employees for advisory opinions on ethics issues and Section 2-590,  “Conditions/Requirements for Outside Attorney for Ethics matters” relating to retention considerations.  This particular section seems not to be consistent with the City Council’s discussion at the last meeting setting the time element at two years not the six months contained.  Certainly a question needing clarification.

Item 14, Introduction of Ordinances contains the following items:

  • Ordinances No. 5433, 5434, and 5435.  These ordinances involve the amendment and/or rezoning matters for areas within portions of the city allowing for additional commercial development.  In introduction of ordinances, there is generally no discussion on the merits but merely the procedural process to have the ordinance brought forward at the next city council meeting for adoption.   The process requires that only one of the council member ‘introduce’ the ordinance;  sort of an interesting exercise.

This week’s meetings are the last for calendar year 2017 so enjoy the respite…enjoy the holidays…2018 will be here soon enough!!!!

Al Zucaro, Publisher