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The Boca Raton City Council has been steadfast in heading down the road of working on a site plan proposal that puts a brick and mortar chain restaurant on the city owned waterfront property at the base of the Palmetto Park bridge known as the Wildflower Property.  Although the property was purchased by the city (you the tax payers) in 2009, this public land has sat vacant with a no-trespassing sign ever since.

Our city has invested One Million Dollars to an out of town urban design company to consult in the planning of our Downtown, and yet no vision has been put forth by the planners or the city for this valuable waterfront linkage adjacent our downtown.  UNTIL NOW –

Jonathan Kolbe, a local, longtime resident has come forward….

Jonathan, a development industry professional, has the vision of our city and for the possibilities the future holds.  This future vision consists of unique ideas and possibilities to create landmarks and locations whose presence and success will span generations.  He states that careful and deliberate consideration of the use of our public spaces will yield the successful outcome we all hope to achieve.
His vision includes a combination of a restaurant and an active urban green space which not only speaks to the heart and soul of our community, it allows for a practical solution for the importance of revenue creation. “I feel strongly that this is THE use for this irreplaceable and immensely valuable public property”.
You can see Mr Kolbe’s brief presentation and the elements he envisions along with a site drawing using this link. It’s a MUST READ!

The Wildflower Property – An Inclusive Alternative


If you like Jonathan’s ideas we would like to hear from you, and it is crucial to contact your City Council now. Contact Info


But this isn’t the first time a city resident and architect has created an architectural vision for the Wildflower property. At a 2011 workshop regarding the use of this public land, an FAU graduate named Jose Barrera presented 9 elements of a proposal for an urban greenspace. The response from the audience was overwhelming and was met with thunderous applause. Here is his proposal.

The big question is…

What has held our city leaders back from attempting to pursue a vision that could really put Boca Raton on the map? Something that could make us special? Something fun? Something unique ? Why wouldn’t we grab the opportunity to create a legacy on our waterfront. An addition to our city that we could be proud of for years and years to come? Something to leave to our children and grandchildren. Something to show-off to our visitors. The city has hired consultants and tasked staff for many projects in our community…but this amazing piece of land, owned by the citizens, sat empty for years, then went out to a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a restaurant as a public/private partnership deal with the city. It leaves us wondering WHY? WHY was no other opportunity pursued for this publicly owned property.

Don’t forget…If you like Jonathan Kolbe or Jose Barrera’s ideas we would like to hear from you, and it is crucial to contact your City Council nowContact Info