Have you ever thought about Urban Development?

Since the recovery of the downturn in the economy we’ve been watching just that.  The Boca Raton skyline has been changing as we go through a building boom transformation of ‘urban development’ in our Downtown.

As stated by many…

“Growth is good.”

“People walking in Downtown is obviously what is needed to support our local businesses.”

“We mustn’t be afraid of change and progress.”

All these statement are true! And yes, we support these ideas wholeheartedly.

However…there is one thing we haven’t heard a whisper about.  As the approvals and variances to allow this building take place…what we haven’t heard from our officials, city planners and developers is, Urban Green Space….

Urban Green Space and Public Art is what great urban planners believe is the heart and soul of a city.

So for the next 18 minutes of your valuable time, do yourself a favor… Instead surfing the net or watching your favorite  t.v. show…take just some time and listen to the brilliance of Amanda Burden, New York’s chief city planner under the Bloomberg administration.  I promise you it is eye opening. Click here TEDtalk-Amanda Burden

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